FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 18

Activity Mix These Activities link in to articles all through FUSE. there is a 'Cool Weblink' waiting Where you see on the opposite page 19. ✰ Please do send words and pictures of your results to fuse@potentialplusuk.org Art Technology Paint, design or make something in the eggsquisite Fabergé style we mentioned in iWorld. Maybe create your own Easter egg, bejewelled ornament, eggs-travagant dress or hinge-roofed car..? ✰ iScience Have fun attempting the eggs-periments on page 5. Mapping A Journal In FUSE Winter 2015-2016, we said we'd return to the intriguing book MAPS: Exploring The World, by Phaidon Editors. It sparked this activity idea; to create a journal in the form of a 'map'. ✰ You could design a word-free photo-trail of where you have been. Or use artistic handwriting and small sketches. Remember the map of smells in MAPS? -Why not record only sounds, who you saw or how you felt and don't describe the physical environment at all?! Don't make your journal purely chronological, in date order. Perhaps a spider's web 'mind- map' to unfold? Or organised by activity ('home, school, sports club, holiday...') or location ('My Town, County, Country, Europe...'), for example? Food Miles Data It's fun and easy to discover how far your food has travelled 'from farm to fork'. We are shocked our blueberries have voyaged more than 1,250 miles! -Should we buy a more local product next time? Give our favourite food mile calculators a go. One is simplified for a variety of ✰ foods, the other tracks an egg using its data code (see iMaths, p7). How does your plate compare to their results? Remember there are Challen ges and Activit ies all through th is e-zine! And don't f orget to complete th e story of The Golden Lyre from FUSE Winter 2015-2016. 18 FUSE