FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 16

Thinking Skills: CHANGE nb Ch a n g e ca e brilliant and fun! chool, h ouse or s g in v o m ike like changes (l t) can feel e p a g in Yet some tt en ge d. .F.F.' or ev o d an d ba losing a 'B ture of go ix m g n o a str f “panic... feelings o s g n ri b n ve to say s cha n g e e on't want d I .. t. u o Sometime b ya in Running ts to worr ie reacted s there is lo o R w o h This is philia!, p3). goodbye”. bow (Libro in a R e th from daptable, en we're a h w r ie s a lp any Life is e vice to he d a e m o s so here is and fun! el brilliant fe s s re g ro p Tell yourself you are great at change. -You do it every day! List some things you've improved at. Your skill level has...changed! It's all good. Realise you are in control of some parts of the changes. Accept the parts you can't control. Make a plan and patiently stick to it. Aesop's fable The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg describes how rushing in crazily can ruin your happy ending. Ask for help if you need it. Trust the right people -especially yourself! Relax. Trust life. Believe you'll be great. Our second 'eggy story', The Ugly Duckling, shows that sometimes all the good stuff just happens on its own when you do...nothing! In ancient festivals, eggs symbolised Earth's springtime leap forwards into a colourful and exciting new stage. Some cultures learn from their tales of the 'transformation' of snakes and butterflies. -Could you make your own picture or story? If you feel scared, remind yourself of the fantastic place you are hoping to get to. Metamorphosis does turn a caterpillar's life upside down, but it's the only way to change a simple egg into a mighty butterfly! CHECK OUT: -Now go, have fun and be brilliant! 16 FUSE • LIBROPHILIA! • THINKING SKILLS: EGGHEAD HEROES • QUIZ & WONDER WALL