FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 13

eggs in history 19 0 million iWORLD We created this fun fact timeline using eggs-amples from history. Why not create timelines about your favourite topics and share them by emailing fuse@potentialplusuk.org? years ago ted to the long Dinosaurs rela gs in eg id la us oc necked Diplod These are the South Afr ica. dinosaur oldest known ss egg fo ils. Circa 00 10 – 1500AD Ancient times – circa 40 0A D Pagans felt that eggs symbolised new life (springt ime) and rebirth (after winter). Be fore Christianity , pagans gave hand -painted eggs as gifts at the sp ring equinox celebrations in M arch. Chr istians in the Middle Ages gave colourful eggs at Easter to symbolise Jesus coming back to life. 1307 King Edward I of England ordered 450 eggs to be decorated with colours and gold-leaf as Easter presents for the Royal Household. 16 42 (or 16 43 !) Isaac Newton, egghead, was born in Lincolnshire, England. 1875 The creation of chocolate Cadbury Easter Eggs. The first jewelled ‘Fabergé egg’ was commissioned; a small , gold egg in a platinum and enamel shell for the Empress Marie of Russia. 19 8 8 • • • • LIBROPHILIA! FACT FILE: SIR ISAAC NEWTON ACTIVITY MIX: ART TECHNOLOGY FUSE WINTER 2015-2016: iSCIENCE: PLANETS Norbert the Norweg ian Ridgeback was born from a large dragon’s egg. (Harr y Potter says so. ..) e wn gg ev ro !) ere th en CHECK OUT: School year 19 91 – 19 92 (Pu ty ou (politician) Edwina Curr ie isis by saying cr g