FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 12

iTECH PRINTER • A laser / jet that doesn't 'hit' the egg... • Handles lots of eggs quickly + carefully + hygienically. • Gets complete egg codes automatically. design t-egg-nology printing egg codes INK In iMaths we learned codes need to be printed on eggshells. Here in iTech, join us 'brainstorming' design technology ideas that would make this possible. Email fuse@potentialplusuk.org if you can think of anything else! • Safe to eat. • Dries quickly + clearly + doesn’t smudge. • Waterproof. FOOD RULES • Health and safety laws. Studio Soundproofing Q: I've heard empty egg boxes block out sound? A: Ermm...no! True, the shape of an egg carton is like the wavy walls in some recording studios. But sound booth walls follow a scientific pattern and use special 'acoustic' foam to dampen yet enhance the sound. Egg boxes do have some acoustical value and show a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.40 (see Cool Weblinks, p19). However, as you can see by the graph, professional products give a smooth curve of sound absorption – it's just bumpy earache with egg cartons! (Acoustic foam is also much safer next to a candle!) 3D-printed eggs Cuckoos lay their eggs in a stranger's nest and try to trap an 'egg-sitter'! Sometimes, though, the uninvited guest is recognised and turfed out of the nest! So how do birds tell the difference? For years, researchers have spent hours making wooden, plastic and plaster eggs...but often the birds aren't fooled! In 2015, hollow eggs were carefully designed and 3D-printed. Once filled with water, they kept their heat ('thermodynamics') like real eggs in the nest. 100% of some designs were accepted by the birds! Future technology will hopefully match an egg's colour, weight, shape and thermodynamics –as well as its thin, textured eggshell. CHECK OUT: • • • • 12 FUSE iSCIENCE: EGG-CHEMISTRY iMATHS QUIZ AND WONDER WALL COOL WEBLINKS