FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 11

Thinking Skills: Egghead Heroes Be proud to be called an eggHeAd! Pick your favourite famous brainboxes as heroes! If anyone teases you for being as clever or as interesting as you are; remember your role models. 'Be' your hero for a moment. Let any nasty comments simply flow over you without sticking. Think of how dirty water whooshes straight off the delicate feathers of a duck's back. (-And find yourself some real friends who like the same things you do.) Y OU a re T HEIR he roes ! M a ny fa mo u s p e ople lo ve y ou r e g g h ave b e com h e a d w ay s e supporte rs so much the of Pote nti a y l Plu s U K (P PU K ) a nd F U SE. F OR E X A M P L E: P rofesso r L o rd R o be r t W in s ton , PPU K T V pre se nte Patron : r, med ic a l d octor a nd p o li ti ci a n. P rofesso r Jeff F or s h aw, PPU K A mb a ss ad phy sici st , le or: ct u re r a nd co -author w it h ge e k-fr ie nd B ri a n C ox . Choose your heroes! Lumos Maxima! -What about Hermione Granger from Harry Potter? Or Professor Branestawm and Connie? Cartoon crazy? There's Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo), Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony). In comedy, there are Sheldon Cooper and Dr Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory). Real-life bookworms: Author J K Rowling OBE, narrator Stephen Fry and actress Emma Watson all applied their genius to Harry Potter. Don't forget Countdown maths whizzes Carol Vorderman MBE and Rachel Riley. And surely our much-loved astronaut Tim Peake is a bit of a brainbox..?! American author John Green's funny Vlog Brothers routines with Hank are an online hit. John says he “loves being a nerd”! B E P R O U D O F W H O YO U A R E ! “ Nerd s a re a llowed to lo ve s tuff, li k ju mp-up-a n e d-dow n-i n-t he-c h a ir-ca control-you n’trself love it . W he n p e o ca ll people n p le erd s, mos tly wh at they ’r s ay in g is 'Yo e u li ke s tuff!'. .. wh ic h is n o t a good in su lt at a ll! Joh n G re en “ Boffin astronomers include musicians Brian Cox OBE, Brian May CBE and comedian Dara Ó Briain. FUSE 11