FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 10

iWORDS egg-shell-ent Words! a yolk, a yoke and a joke A YoLK: the yellow, middle part of an egg. It is very different to the egg 'white', which is actually translucent when raw. Walking on e ggshells = treading care fully, being very g entle. d-egg” = It's “chicken-an e which of impossible to se (or should) two things did happen first. A YoKe: Crocodile te ars = fake tears, pretend cryin g. most often a wooden bar used to join two cattle at their necks so they can pull a cart. Q: A JoKe: Why do the French have only one egg for breakfast? A: Because they say one egg is 'un oeuf'..!! (Pronounced 'enough'...) act utch f n u f D g’ in l d eg ie g e rie Sp y fo r ‘ f elei’. g d r e i -The o p w is ‘ S egg. The s n is n a g a e eg G e rm r. Ei m t a fried o and r r ! i r ns m in g a h e m irro m e a h i n k g az t t n g in t mus like looki just What is an ‘egghead’? An egghead is a clever person who knows a lot of stuff. Synonyms (similar words) for egghead are: bookworm, geek, boffin, expert, nerd, genius, brainbox... Can you think of any more? asperating yolk made by people who have had their ideas scrambled.) In fact, knowledge is great fun and doesn't swell your skull in the slightest. The automatic image or blobby head-shape you are given as an avatar by the computer before you swap it for an actual selfie icon is also starting to be called an egghead. Respect your body, be kind to your mind and feed your brain with the knowledge you love. That way you nurture a happy brain where nerves, chemicals and connections can grow healthily. Geeky is Great! The word 'egghead' comes from a silly saying that a person with a massive amount of knowledge will have an egg-shaped, bald head as an adult. -What rubbish! (It's just an eggs- 10 FUSE CHECK OUT: • THINKING SKILLS: EGGHEAD HEROES • QUIZ AND WONDER WALL