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HEALTHY ADVICE BEAUTY SECRET! New to skincare? As a skincare clinic owner, we coach guests on what they can do at home to take care of their skin. Your face is always visible and exposed to the elements. It is your calling card and its care should be a priority. So what can you do to help your skin? Here are the basics: Develop a skincare routine based on your skin type. Visit a professional skincare clinic that offers free consults. Set a skincare investment budget and purchase high quality professional skincare products. Develop a home routine that includes cleanser, moisturizer, suncare and weekly exfoliation. Great skin starts from within so eat well and hydrate daily with water! Taking these steps will help you bring out your best and brightest skin! - Estrellita Gonzalez, www. dermabrightclinic.com Whether you are a therapist, practitioner, or an individual in need of non-invasive intervention for pain and dysfunction, we have you covered. We have an uncompromising approach to healthcare focused on pain relief, injury recovery and movement performance to produce fast, effective results. We insure therapists and practitioners are well educated and informed so they can focus on supporting their patients. By providing personalized wellness plans to insure your individual needs are met, we are able to insure you have the tools you need to expedite your recovery. Through our Lunch and Learns and on-site care, we are able to help employers maintain their workforce’s health and pain-free performance as well. “Inspiring positive change through education, innovation, and selfless service to improve the lives of people who depend on us is what matters most.” - painPRO Clinics, www.painproclinics.com Blue Banana Market in Toronto’s Kensington Market is a favourite destination for gift shoppers from all over the world. Their mission; to make gift shopping as fun as gift giving is evident. This lovely boutique is known for offering a wide selection of off-beat, on-trend gifts and greeting cards with an edgy sense of humor and a lot of heart. Priority is given to gift products sourced from local artisans in Toronto and throughout Ontario, allowing you to support the local arts industry. Blue Banana Market also believes it is important to give back to the community and they are actively involved in programs like SickKids and Santa for Seniors.- Blue Banana Market, www.bluebananamarket.com