FTA 2017 Routes of Faith I | Page 7

Theses Doors, commemorating Luther’s “95 Theses,” Castle Church, Wittenberg, Germany can have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus,” she said. Booking a group tour with Reformation Tours includes expert planning drawn from more than 15 years of experience, Rowena added. And that’s a key reason faith leaders look to FTA member companies, such as Rowena’s, that ensure reliability, safety and experience to design meaningful experiences. “We provide full marketing support including a free web page, color brochures, a 90-plus-page full-color personalized tour diary and many other bonuses,” Rowena said. “We work closely with tour leaders to help them fill their tours, including flights, insurance, and pre- and post-tour assistance.” Rowena’s Luther Anniversary Tour is Aug. 25 through Sept. 5, which includes visits to the Romanesque Cathedral where Luther gave his final testimony, the Augustinian monastery where he lived as a monk, Wartburg Castle, where he took refuge from the emperor and the pope, and Wittenberg’s Castle Church, home to his tomb and where he posted his “95 Theses.” Travelers also will see the Luther House Museum, where he and his family lived and meet some of Luther’s descendants, who reside in the town of Zeitz. Explorations of the cities of Eisleben, Erfurt, Leipzig and Alsfeld are on the itinerary along with traditional German and Luther- themed meals, a church service and concerts. The tour is led by German tour host Uli Buschmann. Other tour options in 2017 include the Methodist and Presbyterian Heritage Tour, Reformation Jubilee Tour and Leisurely Lutherland Tour. The company also can customize a tour to your budget and needs. “Our travelers have heard of places like Wittenberg and Erfurt for years, and it’s a thrill for them to stand by the replica doors of Castle Church and think about the impact of the ‘95 Theses,’ ” Rowena said. Author Irving Hexham states, ‘The legacy of the Christian faith takes on immediacy and impact as you see firsthand the places where believers through the centuries lived and died, shaping the world with their faith.’ ” Reach Rowena and Frank Drinkhouse of Reformation Tours at +1.618.222.9914 or visit reformationtours.com to learn more. faithtravelassociation.com 7