FSU MED Magazine Fall 2020, Vol. 16 Fall 2020 - Page 22

2020 Hall of Fame inductees

2020 Hall of Fame inductees


Alumni Hall of Fame
As a young medical school , the College of
Medicine honored two individuals each year
with the Distinguished Alumni Award . These
were traditionally presented to one PIMS
alumnus and one College of Medicine alumnus .
Well , we ’ re growing up – and finding that there
are many outstanding physicians with ties to
Colin Hackley
Jada Leahy ( M . D ., ’ 09 ) with Kelly Mamelson ( M . D . Class of ’ 21 ).
the FSU College of Medicine who deserve to
be recognized . So many that we have taken the
next step in the growth of our alumni program by
creating an FSU Medical Alumni Hall of Fame .
The Hall of Fame includes those already
Saint Elio and his wife , Rebecca , with their new car .
Returning to teach
recognized with the Distinguished Alumni
And he drove like a hero
Sometime in the future , well beyond the
Award . This year , the FSU Medical Alumni board
While being named to the Hall of Fame is nice
20th anniversary of the College of Medicine ,
considered numerous nominations and voted to
( it comes with a plaque and all the accompanying
it ’ s possible that our alumni will be doing the
add five additional graduates to the Hall of Fame .
glory ), it doesn ’ t quite compare to the award
majority of the teaching here . There ’ s already a
move in that direction .
They were recognized during our virtual 20 th
Anniversary celebration on Nov . 6 .
Makandall Saint Elio ( M . D ., ’ 16 ) received recently . He was recognized as one of the
In May , Jada Leahy ( M . D ., ’ 09 ) took over as
clerkship director for surgery at the Pensacola
Regional Campus . She replaced the campus ’ s
founding clerkship director , Jeff Chicola .
Let us know who you think we should include in the 2021
Hall of Fame class . Nominations must be received by Feb . 28 .
More at med . fsu . edu / AlumniHOF or med . fsu . edu / alumni .
“ Heroes of the Pandemic ” – becoming one of four South Florida health-care workers presented with a new Hyundai Sonata . When the Hyundai Air and Sea Show , held
Leahy began teaching students at the Pensacola
annually on Miami Beach over Memorial Day
campus in 2018 following a distinguished career
Weekend , had to be canceled because of the
in the Navy .
About two hours east , another FSU alumnus
2020 Hall of Fame class
pandemic , event sponsors went searching for health-care workers , first responders and other
took over an administrative teaching role . J . D .
people who were making a difference during
Byrd ( M . D ., ’ 14 ) replaced Steven Spence
the crisis .
as clerkship administrator for the Marianna
They found Saint Eloi .
Rural Medical Education Program in April .
Saint Eloi , who served as chief resident of the
Byrd spent the previous three years practicing
family medicine residency program at the University
internal medicine in his hometown of
Graceville – about a half-hour ’ s drive up the
road from Marianna .
H . William Higgins ( M . D ., ’ 09 )
Wendy Ann Myers , M . D . ( PIMS ’ 77 )
of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital , now is the hospital ’ s associate medical director for urgent care . Miami was one of the early COVID hotspots .
Spence had been with the College of
In addition to treating patients in the ER and
Medicine since the Marianna program began
urgent care center , Saint Eloi went a step further ,
in 2006 . In fact , Byrd was one of his students
organizing free medical checkups for medically
there .
underserved communities in South Florida .
“ He saw the first patient on the first day – he
“ Throughout all of medical school , I
was able to give me a thorough yet concise
presentation with a developed assessment and
plan . All I could think was , ‘ Wow , this is going
Michael Okun , M . D . ( PIMS ’ 93 )
Michael J . Sweeney , M . D . ( PIMS ’ 75 )
always found value in bonding and forming relationships with patients ,” Saint Eloi said upon being recognized as a ‘ Hero .’ “ I knew I
to be a great rotation !’” Spence said . “ By the
needed to do something where I could talk ,
end of the rotation , I told J . D . that he was the
advise and show empathy . Family medicine was
only medical student that I have worked with
it for me . It allows me to be a therapist , a friend ,


that was ahead of me for the same stage of
training . Typical of J . D ., he was humble and said
that was not true .”
Mary Watson ( M . D ., ’ 09 )
a doctor . I can be someone for every individual patient . That is especially important right now with coronavirus .”