FSU MED Magazine Fall 2018, Vol. 14 | Page 3

F A L L 12 12 2 0 1 8, V O L . 1 4, 12 Navigating the labyrinth 20 A tragedy hits home 22 I S S U E 1 by Ron Hartung Medical school can be a stressful journey for even the best students. With burnout a major concern in the medical profession, the College of Medicine is teaching students to take a deep breath during their quest to reach a noble goal. by Ron Hartung Learn more about Matt Wittman, the second-year student whose death in 2017 led to soul-searching for classmates, faculty and staff – and to a renewed emphasis on wellness. A dog has his (Match) day by Chase West A brutal car accident has had lifelong implications for the wife of Chase West (M.D., ’18). She, and he, are comforted in their journey by a once-abused puppy they adopted from an animal shelter. headlines 2 Science, People and Places rounds 24 20 Checking up on our alumni second opinion 36 on the cover Navigating the sometimes treacherous path through medical school might, at times, seem like a labyrinth. This labyrinth, located between the medical and psychology schools at Florida State, was designed to provide some peace of mind for those who enter. 22 Photo illustration: COLIN HACKLEY 1 When to say when. Why so many students are applying to so many residency programs.