Fresh Start August 2016 | Page 4

Learning to let it Go Joshua 1:2 I was watching a tv show, movie with my daughter, the movie Frozen. One of the songs came on , I’ve heard people quote it and talk about it. It’s not my first time hearing it but, this time this song really spoke to me. I’ve learned in the recent weeks, There’s power in letting it go. Sometimes we hold onto to people, places to things way past our time, it’s time of benefitting us. Sometimes we look for God to do something in our life, we look for God to open a door to make a way. But I’ve learned that The blessing you’ve been looking for is wrapped up in you letting go. Letting go of some people, places… just letting go. You can’t move forward holding on to what you already got. Life if like going through the monkey bars… you can’t get to the other side of the monkey bars still holding on to the first bar that you grabbed hold of because you got comfortable there. Until we learn how to let go and take the risk of falling, until we learn to let go and take the risk of taking a bruise or lost. It’s in the letting go that we learn to trust God, we learn how to move past what you’re comfortable with and move on to what God has in store for you. God most of the time moves us from tragedy to triumph. But you’ll stay in tragedy if you refuse to let go. In Genesis, Joseph’s brothers were in Caanan the land that ended up being the land of promise. But they would have died in a famine, if they did not want to leave Caanan. If they never wanted to let it go. They would have died where they were. Thinking that it would get better but, God used a famine to bring them into a palace. Sometimes we end up living in a famine because we refuse to let go. Learn how to let it go. DAILY LOVE FROM HIM ABOVE Rev. Otis Petteway 4 August Edition