Fragrance Ingredients Market trends research for 2018-2024 Fragrance Ingredients Market

Fragrance Ingredients Market share research by applications and regions for 2018-2024: Global Market Insights Inc. According to new Global Market Insights, Inc, chemical research report Fragrance Ingredients Market size may show significant growth in the future time frame on account of changing consumer preferences towards aromatic cosmetics & personal care products, rising product demand from emerging economies such as China, India & Brazil and substantial technological advancements. These are natural or synthetic substances added to products such as perfumes and hair oils to impart a distinct and desirable odor. Fragrance ingredients market size is likely to show accelerated growth owing to shifting consumer preferences towards natural products as synthetic products impart harmful effects on humans and the environment. Synthetic products in hair oils, deodorants, perfumes or detergents when applied directly to the skin may cause skin allergies or endocrine-system disruptions which has reduced their desirability. Global deodorant market size was valued at over USD 70 billion in 2017, which indicates the growth potential for product market size. Rise in cosmetic product usage and increased use of hygiene products are likely to drive growth of fragrance ingredients market size. Rising product innovation to increase customer base has resulted in accelerated demand for air fresheners including car fresheners, room fresheners and aerosol sprays. Global air freshener market size may exceed USD 10 billion by 2024 owing to rising concern over air quality, which is predicted to further accelerate the fragrance ingredients market size. Fragrance ingredients are used in cosmetics & toiletries, soaps & detergents, fine fragrances industries and in household products including pesticides, candles and incense sticks. Global cosmetics market size may reach USD 430 billion in the forecast period owing to rising personal care product demand, which may lead to growth of fragrance ingredient market size. Fragrance ingredients may be synthetic or natural, which are extracted from plant, animal or fruit sources. Natural products are produced from good-quality natural substances including flower-based extracts, essential oils, exudates, and isolates. Distillation and extraction processes are utilized to obtain these products that serve as cosmetic components. Natural products are used in the production of deodorants, perfumes, hair oils, detergents, soaps and essential oils. Changing consumer 1 | Page