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125 years of purpose

Senior School Prefects 2021 .
I am often impressed by the many ways in which we live out our purpose daily at Guildford Grammar School , which always places the student at the heart of the community . We are 125 years young this year . Birthdays encourage reflection , they prompt great celebration and they certainly bring people together and that is what we have been doing this year .
It is important we reflect and honour our past and acknowledge the many benefits we all have gained from the singular decision of Charles Harper to educate his
Long Table Dinner Under the Stars children and those of his neighbours in the billiard room at Woodbridge House . While Mr Harper may not have foreseen the greatness and the significance of his action , we are nevertheless truly grateful for what he did . At the School ’ s foundation it was progressive . Charles Harper welcomed young men and women into his new school . Today , we are a non-selective co-educational school and every individual contributes to our success . We embrace our Anglican faith , whilst welcoming all people of all faiths or none . We have a student enrolment of 1,120 from three years old to 18 years old . We have over 700 Senior Students , nearly 400 Preparatory Students , 118 boarders , 34 of whom are female . Having been co-educational in the Preparatory School for 45 years and now in Senior School for four years , we are seeing great interest from families who are seeking a complete education for their sons and daughters , together .
An education worth having ... what is it ? What does it mean now , in the third decade of the 21st century ? At Guildford Grammar School , we have an aspirational vision for the future of education . While education at local , national and global levels has rightly evolved ( due to significant social , economic and technological change , as well as bearing the brunt of a pandemic ), I believe that what we seek for our young women and men now is not vastly different from what Charles Harper hoped to achieve for his children . This has been fostered and advanced by those who have followed his lead over the last 125 years .
As an example , let us consider the life of one of the earlier graduates of our school ( it may surprise you to learn it is a woman ), Deborah Vernon Hackett , best known as Lady Hackett or Lady Moulder . Born Deborah