Forward December 2014 | Page 2

FROM THE HEADMASTER Adapting to technology The word ‘technology’ can elicit a range of responses depending on how people view the world and the changes in technology that impact on our daily lives. The rate of change continues to increase and in the words of Marc Benioff, “the only constant in the technology industry is change.” In the end, technology remains a tool that human beings utilise and we are the ones who can choose to use it in a positive or negative fashion. This is directly linked to our values and how we each decide to uphold them as members of the community; students, staff, parents and Old Guildfordians. In this context it is essential that schools provide an education that enables students to utilise the latest technology as a tool to support their learning, embrace changes that occur and be excited by the opportunities for growth and development that this can provide. In this edition of the Forward you will read a number of articles that highlight the pervasive use of technology throughout the School and demonstrates clearly how students are enthused and engaged by these learning experiences. Students have been involved in cocurricular events such as the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (Pedal Prix), the Electric Vehicle Challenge, the Robotics Club, Solar Car and Boat competitions and the Aurecon Bridge Building competition, which all provide them with the opportunity to demonstrate teamwork and ingenuity when utilising technology in these team challenges. The Senior School has implemented a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) Go Forward IT program that enables students to bring in their own technology device to support their learning in the classroom, whilst the School still provides an extensive range of laptop and desktop computers throughout the School. This program has enabled flexibility and the opportunity for students to utilise technology that meets their personal needs and preferences. Headmaster Mr Stephen Webber One of the key requirements of the BYOD program is that all devices must still run through the School’s Wi-Fi and filtering software. It is important that students are educated to use mobile devices responsibly and respectfully and the School has been proactive in this area, with Foundation guest speaker Brett Lee presenting to students and parents on Cyber-safety and the involvement of our Year 9 Cyber-safety ambassadors in the ECU Cyber-savvy research project. We are often reminded of the risks associated with social media and the negative outcomes from poor decisions made by young people; however, it is important that we also acknowledge the considerable potential for positive outcomes when social media is used constructively. I was reminded of this when seeing my 16 year-old daughter’s face light up when she received a flood of very supportive birthday messages several years ago and also when we share positive messages through the School community. I often discuss our Purpose statement ‘Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society’ and our key School values with the students. This year staff members have delivered key addresses at assemblies on each of our values of Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Spirituality, Team-work and Compassion. In sharing the news of the passing of former Chief Justice, The Honourable David Malcolm AC CitWA KCSJ QC, Old Guildfordian (Sc 1950-55) with the students and in reflecting on his life, it was powerful to articulate how highly he was regarded as a man who lived our School Purpose. Time and time again the columns of the obituaries in the West Australian referred to his kindness, compassion, generosity of spirit and his extensive contribution to so many organisations throughout the State, with a focus on service, justice and equality. David was a most highly respected leader in the WA Legal profession, who also found the time and energy to provide incredible service to the School community over decades. He served as an Honorary Fellow of School Council (71-98) and Chairman of School Council (80-82) and was a driving force behind the development of the Foundation, serving as President (87-93). He was also Chairman of the Chapel Appeal in 1987 and Chairman of the School Centenary Committee as well as being a Rhodes Scholar in 1960 and Captain of School in 1955. He was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the OGA, the Council and the Foundation which is an indication of the exceptionally high esteem in which he was held. David’s life and the gifts he shared will long be a reminder and an example to all in the School community of the importance of using your gifts to the full and in giving of yourself to the broader community. Mr Stephen Webber Headmaster Electric Vehicle Challenge. 2