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“ Art of PR ” Heads to Texas

By Kathleen Stone Texas State University
This October , join us for “ The Art of PR ,” the PRSSA 2018 National Conference in Austin , Texas . Learn how to master “ The Art of PR ” over a weekend full of networking opportunities and developmental sessions .
Save the date , the weekend of October 5 – 9 will be a weekend to remember for public relations students far and wide . Over 1,000 aspiring public relations practitioners will gather together in one of the country ’ s most cuttingedge cities .
This year , the Texas State University and The University of Texas at Austin PRSSA Chapters have combined talents to put together a

Marketing to Millenials — CSR Focused

By Kensington Wieland Lee University Since entering the workforce just a few years ago , millennials have changed the way companies hire , fire and fair in the global economy . With their penchant for adventure , autonomy and an active lifestyle , millennials have forced companies to make a shift in the way they operate in all areas of business . Now more than ever , companies are marketing to target audiences who want to both want to see the world and care about doing their part to maintain it , making Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) a key strategy for brand awareness and acceptance .
According to the Millennial Impact Report , millennials became even more engaged in philanthropic efforts in 2017 than in 2016 with no end to that rise in sight . Turns out , they aren ’ t conference that explores public relations in the modern age . Austin is known for its eccentricity , creativity , diversity and leading-edge innovation . “ The Art of PR ” seeks to emulate these values throughout the course of the Conference .
The city of Austin seamlessly laces together southern charm and forward-thinking values that attract large corporations and upand-coming businesses alike . Not only is Austin the capital of Texas but it is has also become a capital for technology , entertainment , fashion and hospitality industries . Austin ’ s massive industrial growth is opportunistic for aspiring public relations professionals . After all , what is industry
just passionate about these causes in their free time but it oozes into the way they spend their time and money .
According to Adweek , millennials account for $ 2.45 trillion in consumer spending power . This commanding combination of facts demands that businesses take responsibility for their products and how they ’ re impacting the rest of the world . Take a note from United Statesbased shoe giant , TOMS , who became a household name in 2006 for implementing anunprecedented business model : “ buy a pair , give a pair to a child in need .” In 2009 , TOMS Shoes won the Customer Excellence Award , awarded by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , honoring companies who have made a significant contribution to their CSR practices . In 2012 , it is estimated that TOMS shoes sold it ’ s two millionth pair of shoes , doubling its profit from the last two years and in turn without public relations ?
Austin is home to some of the leading global public relations agencies , including Weber Shadwick , Edelman , FleishmanHillard and Burson- Marsteller . In addition to housing some of the world ’ s most renowned global public relations agencies , Austin also provides an atmosphere for boutique public relations firms to grow and flourish . Boutique public relations firms like Ink PR , Bread and Butter Public Relations , Cultivate PR , The PR Boutique and Pierpont Communications have all made their mark on the city of Austin as well as the public relations industry itself .
See Conference , Page 3
doubling the amount of shoes given to children in need .
The TOM ’ S phenomenon was quickly followed by other companies such as FashionABLE , a lifestyle brand that employs women overcoming generational poverty , and the Starfish Project , a jewelry company whose profits go towards caring for women escaping human trafficking . Businesses and brands that place a value on CSR are not only providing a service for the community but meeting the personal needs of consumers as well . Millennials aren ’ t shy about their desire for companies to do more good , as a 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report found that 73 percent of global Millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings .
See Millennials , Page 11
Member Stories From # PRSSAontheGo : Broadening Your Network
By Andrew Cook PRSSA National President Over the past few years I ’ ve had the opportunity to visit many of our PRSSA Chapters across the Society . It has been an exciting adventure and I now have a suitcase full of wonderful memories and friendships from my travels . My time in PRSSA has been a unique opportunity to serve the Society and its members and the best moments have come from being with them face-toface .
As National President , I was inspired by Jane Dvorak ’ s # ChairOntheGo campaign so I began my own # PRSSAontheGo campaign with the hopes that my travel would inspire a more connected Society . I am so grateful for all of the friendships I have built through this fantastic organization over the past few years .
Now I would like to share a few of the stories of some of the amazing members I have met in my travels . I hope that their stories will inspire you to appreciate those within your own Chapter as well as those close by or even those who live abroad .
The Finance Major In January , I had the opportunity to attend an Executive Board meeting with Otterbein PRSSA . The meeting was fantastic and it was a great experience to watch Brian Hammel , one of our Regional Ambassadors , conduct a fantastic meeting outlining the upcoming semester ’ s programming . Toward the end of the meeting , the topic turned toward blogging and one of the executive board members raised her voice .
This young woman was a finance major but was attracted to PRSSA because of the pre-professional preparation and the communications skills she could gain from participating . It was fascinating to hear how her PRSSA experience set her apart when she was applying for a position with a finance firm . In addition to being impressed by her finance knowledge , the firm was excited to know that she had the training and background to do public relations as well .
This experience helped me see how PRSSA can add that extra skill set for many of our non-public-relations majors while also creating some wonderful memories and great friendships .
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