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The Revolution Continues

Join us in Boston this October , the host city of the PRSSA 2017 National Conference , for a weekend of professional development , networking and exploring this exciting city . Come to Boston to learn more about how the revolution in our industry continues .
Boston is historically known for being a city of revolutionary thinkers and doers , and from Oct . 6 – 10 , more than 1,000 public relations students will gather there for the PRSSA 2017 National Conference . The Conference being hosted in Boston gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the evolving public relations industry in a place with progress in its nature .
Founded in 1603 , Boston quickly became a hub for industry and communication . One of the most famous Boston communicators , Paul Revere , served as an emblem of the American Revolution . His infamous midnight ride to alert the state “ the British are coming ”
Going from a student to a full-time professional can be tricky . You may not be used to the 40-hour work week or managing your time between multiple clients and projects . Internships are the perfect “ in-between ” time period to learn what it ’ s like to be a working professional .
Treat your internship as a job . If you did your research , you landed an internship at a company that gives you valuable work day to day . When it ’ s time for full-time employment , those day-to-day tasks will smoothly transition with you .
An internship is all about learning the ropes of the business , raising your hand as often as possible and being indispensable to your team . Moving into the full-time role , you ’ ll have new ( and more ) responsibilities , learn to be more independent and be expected to get the job done .
Here are five tips to succeed as you transition to a full-time employee .


Ask the Right Questions
Don ’ t be afraid to ask questions . When you ’ re given a new task or responsibility , it ’ s always better to ask those upfront questions and do it right the first time . Be strategic and only ask the questions that will help you better understand the direction of the assignment . If you still have questions once you get started on a project , try to figure out the answer on your own
An evening in Boston on the waterfront . Photo courtesy of creativecommons . org .
can be considered an early form of public relations .
Ed Bernays , the “ father of public relations ,” called Cambridge ,
Boston ’ s close neighbor , home . Just across the Charles River , Bernays set the foundation for the public relations industry and revolutionized the way people think about their target audiences . With campaigns like “ Torches of Freedom ,” Bernays
used storytelling and earned publicity to reach his publics , making public relations professionals a hot , new commodity .
With the birth of public relations came the birth of the agency .
Boston is not only known for its groundbreaking history , but also for being a current center for innovation . Agencies such as FleishmanHillard , Weber Shandwick , MSLGROUP and CONE Communications
are leading the charge in revolutionizing public relations , representing global clients and influencing international audiences .
At Conference , you ’ ll learn about crisis strategies for traditional and digital platforms , how these methods intersect and how to use each to its full potential in “ Mitigating and Gladiating : How Crisis Public Relations Isn ’ t Just What You See on Scandal .” Learn how

Five Tips for Transitioning to Full Time

and then present recommendations to your manager . Whether you are right or wrong , he or she will be impressed by your resourcefulness — a critical skill for success in any position .


Be Proactive
Proactivity shows that you want to be involved , that you ’ re eager to learn and demonstrates your value to the team . Ask to take the lead on an internal meeting as practice . Volunteer for projects that come up rather than waiting for things to be assigned to you . Stay on top of industry news and trends , and let your team know how they affect the business or your clients . Speak up when you have an idea . Going above and beyond will show your commitment to the team and may lead to future opportunities for growth .


Know When to Say No
Time management is a crucial part of being successful at a full-time position . You ’ ll work with multiple clients and juggle different projects with conflicting deadlines , and you ’ ll be expected to complete everything on time . Be honest about what you can manage and make sure you set expectations with your manager . When you ’ re feeling overwhelmed , work with your manager to identify the best approach for tackling your assignments .


Find Work-Life Balance
With all these new responsibilities , you might wonder how eight-hour work days are enough to get everything done .
Learn to master prioritization . At work , try setting aside blocks of time to finish different tasks . This will help you stay on track and finish everything that needs to get done within those eight hours . At lunch , step away from the computer and take a break . This will give you a fresh mind when you ’ re back at your desk and help you stay focused for the rest of the day . Make sure you ’ re leaving time for yourself after work hours , whether that ’ s spending time with friends or family , reading a book or exercising . You ’ ll feel more fulfilled and less fatigued with a better and healthier work-life balance .

5Establish Goals Work with your manager

to establish realistic goals for the next few months . Setting goals gives you clear direction and something to work toward . When you know what you ’ re working for and how it contributes to the overall success of the company , it gives you motivation . It ’ s also a way to evaluate your own performance . Doing a self-check of where you are in terms of the goals you set can help you prioritize tasks moving forward and identify what ’ s holding you back . When it comes time for advancement and promotion , achieving these goals will be the perfect proof points to why you should get the promotion .

SPRING 2017 VOL . 49 , ISSUE 3 www . prssa . prsa . org / FORUM

Constant leadership turnover is a fact of life for PRSSA Chapters . In fact , it is prevalent in most student organizations . The reality is that students step up as defined leaders within their Chapters , most often for a year or two , and then graduate . Ideally , these outgoing leaders inspired and developed the emerging leaders they left behind to keep the Chapter ’ s momentum going . But how does a leader accomplish this ? To help answer that question , I ’ ll be using quotes of some of the world ’ s most influential leaders .
First , let ’ s outline the qualities of a great leader .
“ A leader is best when people barely know he exists , when his work is done , his aim fulfilled , they will say : we did it ourselves .” — Lao Tzu
The power of servant leadership is something I wholeheartedly believe in , and this quote describes the very core of that leadership


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PRSSA 2017 National Conference to be held in Boston
inbound marketing combines SEO , data , marketing , community management and traditional public relations from industry professionals in the “ Inbound Marketing : Shifting From Push to Pull Communication ” session . Make the world a better place through public relations using the takeaways you ’ ll get from the “ Corporate Social Responsibility : Doing Well by Doing Good ” session . Also , remember to preregister for resume critiques , agency tours , and attend the PRSA 2017 International Conference General Sessions at the Boston Marriott Copley Place . These are just a few of the things on the Conference schedule you won ’ t want to miss .
Conference will give you the opportunity to explore a city of revolutionary thought , make valuable professional connections and learn a lot about the public relations profession . Make sure to take advantage of all that Conference has to offer this year and register today .
We look forward to seeing you in Boston !
Leadership as Told by Great Leaders
Quotes to Inspire a Successful Leadership Transition
PRSSA NATIONAL PRESIDENT style . Though I certainly hope your Chapter knows who its leaders are , those leaders should be approachable and genuinely want to dedicate their time to serving their members . Chapter leaders should help provide a vision for their members , but they should trust in these members to carry out that vision and feel accomplished at the end of the year .
“ If your actions inspire others to dream more , learn more , do more and become more , you are a leader .” — John Quincy Adams
We all know that saying , “ actions speak louder than words ,” but embodying it has real positive effects . Avoid a leadership style that requires you to say , “ do as I say , not as I do .” In order to earn trust and inspire your members to believe in your vision for the Chapter , you have to show them — not just tell them — that you believe in it too through positive forward action . Be the leader that others ask , “ How does he / she do it ?” Be the leader that offers to help when others are struggling . Be the leader that leads by example .
“ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other .” — John F . Kennedy
Leadership is a journey . I like to say you should never be the smartest person in the room , because there is always more to learn . A great lead-
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