FORUM Fall 2017 Vol. 50 Issue 1 - Page 8

Teahan Award — Chapter Diversity By Maura Fenske Each year, the Dr. F.H. FORUM Copy Editor Teahan Chapter Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of PRSSA Chapters in 12 different categories. The program, sponsored by Champions for PRSSA, is the Society’s way of recognizing Chapters all over the globe who go above and beyond in their efforts to advance the profession and the future professional. At the PRSSA 2016 National Conference in Indianapolis, Kent State University was awarded the Chapter Diversity Teahan Award. Latisha Ellison, Chapter president of Kent State PRSSA from June 2015 to June 2016, accepted the award on Kent State PRSSA’s behalf, along with fellow Kent State PRSSA member Erin Zaranec, who was Chapter president from June 2016 to June 2017. Throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, Kent State PRSSA focused on integrating diversity into every aspect of their Chapter and campus. The Chapter partnered with other student organizations on campus, hosting collaborative meetings that discussed important issues tied to cultural and ethnic diversity. Ellison and her Chapter members hosted a meeting with the Kent State University Black United Students (BUS) organization to discuss social movements such as Black Lives Matter that were given a voice via social media. Not only did Ellison and her members seek to embrace racial diversity but they also focused on embracing diversity of thought and experience. “We also made sure that when we had panel meetings, they were as diverse as possible,” said Ellison. “With diversity and inclusion efforts, it is important that every member of an audience feels as though they can relate to the experiences of a person on a panel. There can be barriers to that such as different life experiences, so trying to make those barriers as small as possible is always best.” “If you have been doing the same newsletter process for five years, a Teahan submission is a great way to make sure you are properly evaluating and then seeing what other Chapters are doing and helping each other improve,” said Ellison. “It is also a wonderful thing to be recognized for something you have been working hard on and that always will boost morale of the people who have been working tirelessly on a project for at least a year.” media analytics are? Have you ever wondered what social media analytics are, how they’re run or if they are even relevant to you? Yes? Great, because it’s time to explore the real truth about social media analytics. What are social media analytics? First, let’s discuss what social media analytics really are. Measuring social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media websites and analyzing that data using analytics to make business decisions. Basically, social media analytics are a way of determining how your social media content and engagement are affecting your brand. Analytics give you quantitative data that can be used to connect the current business goals of your brand to your presence on social media. How does it work? Second, let’s discuss how social media analytics work. The first step is to make known the marketing/business goals of a brand. This helps social media managers know what the Once the engagement is analyzed, social media managers can either continue their approach or adjust it as necessary. Now, social media analytics go a step further than engagement. Analytics not only measure likes, shares, retweets and comments but they also track the post’s reach, impressions and saves. Analytics use artificial intelligence to report consumer opinions on products. This is called sentiment analysis. Together, engagement and social media analytics are able to spit out information about the best time to post, what type of content gets the most attention and which social media platform is best for your business. PRSSA establishes own website 1995 National Assembly becomes a spring event 1982 CEPR is established 1989 PRSSA National creates Facebook, First Leadership Twitter and Rally hosted in YouTube accounts Scottsdale, Arizona 2009-2010 2007 PRSSA launches new website 2017 The affiliate program is launched 2006 Member services expand with the restructuring of distinct directos to national vice presidents 1996 National blog is launched 2007 The first international Chapter is established in Argentina 2007 The Internship Center is launched 2001 PRSSA celebrates 50th anniversary 2017 Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Information provided by How can you start utilizing it? In order to fully take advantage of all that social media analytics have to offer, you need to know how to find them. Here are a few social media analytics tools that can be used: ● Zoho ● Hootsuite ● Audiense (designed specifically for Twitter) ● Quintly ● Google Analytics Most of these services come with a monthly fee; however, some social media sites grant free social analytics. For example, Instagram and Facebook have “Insights.” These insights give in-depth information on how a specific post is doing by tracking its reach and impressions. Other social media sites such as Pinterest and Twitter have free analytics as well. Remember, knowing even the basics of social media analytics and reviewing your own analytics makes you more marketable as a future public relations professional. Fall 2017 Regional Ambassador program launched 2017 Firm of the Issue: Capstone Agency, University of Alabama By Ashleigh Kathryn Vice President of Professional Development The University of Alabama approved Capstone Agency as an organization in 2010 and the firm has grown tremendously since. In the last seven years, Capstone Agency has striven to empower young professionals to channel their creativity into meaningful work. Past initiatives include developing communication strategies for the LessThanUThink campaign and NASCAR’s Daytona 500 as well as the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors’ EcoCAR 3 challenge. Now the agency pushes itself to give to those in need. PRSSA National selected the University of Alabama’s Capstone Agency as one of the firms to host the first CreateAthon along with Car dinal Communications of Ball State University. The associates of Capstone Agency gave back to their community by donating their creativity and public relations skills to deserving nonprofits this past March. CreateAthon is a “pro bono marketing marathon that harnesses skills-based 8 Governance is transferred to the students 1973 PRSSA National joins Snapchat 2016 PRSSA 2016-2017 Kent State Bateman Competition participants. Courtesy of PRSSA Kent. company wishes to learn from their social media posts and it allows the business to determine its key performance indicators (KPIs). Because we are dealing with social media, the KPIs are probably based on engagement, which measures social media likes, shares and comments. Through engagement, it can be concluded whether or not the original business goals are being met. FORUM Champions for PRSSA founded 1981 PRSSA Kent and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s “Breaking Down Barriers: How Diversity Is Represented in the Media.” Courtesy of PRSSA Kent. The Truth Behind Social Media Analytics By Gabrielle Lemmon Have you ever Bowie State University wondered what social Founded November 1967 First National Conference held 1976 First issue of FORUM published 1969 Two more international Chapters are chartered in Colombia and Peru 2013–2014 While winning the Chapter Diversity award thrilled Ellison and her fellow Kent State PRSSA Chapter members, the recognition itself wasn’t what was important to them and wasn’t why they had chosen to place an emphasis on diversity efforts. “Diversity and inclusion efforts are important things to factor into decision making in order to get people from different backgrounds involved and to see themselves as a part of something,” said Ellison. “I believe diversity of race, culture and thought is important because it makes everyone involved more aware and better communicators.” Still, Ellison appreciates the value of Teahan Awards for not only her Chapter at Kent State but for other Chapters as well. In addition to the national recognition they bring, Ellison believes that the Teahan Awards are a unique opportunity for PRSSA Chapters to evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses. PRSSA Through the Years Fall 2017 superpowers for social good.” In 24 hours, students such as those in Capstone Agency work with clients to create communications strategies and materials. information about how to apply for a bid to host CreateAthon for the 2017–2018 school year also will be available at National Conference. Capstone Agency started their inaugural CreateAthon March 3, at noon. By the next day they had served seven clients and produced more than $25,000 worth of pro bono strategic communications work. The seven teams of 40 students got to walk away not only with professional work for their portfolios but had also given back to numerous nonprofits. Congratulations to both firms for hosting a successful event. PRSSA is excited to see who takes the wheel next on the road to CreateAthon 2018. Megan Perkins, incoming firm director for Capstone Agency, shared that Capstone would be reapplying to participate in this year’s event. Perkins also said other firms could prepare for hosting this event by focusing on organization and team strength. CreateAthon requires dedication and planning throughout the school year to produce an effective event. Participants from Capstone Agency and Cardinal Communications will provide more insight into the requirements of hosting the event at the PRSSA 2017 National Conference. More Capstone Agency during a 2017 CreateAthon meeting. Courtesy of Capstone Agency. Interested in starting a Student-run Firm, applying for National Affiliation or hosting CreateAthon? Send us an email today at 9