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“ If you take the power of love and combine that with spiritual soundness , dedication , and courage , you have the concepts that make good men or women great . It ’ s really the stuff that truly great leaders are made of . I began to learn this at Fordham Prep : the strength and talents you have been given are God ’ s gifts to you . What you do with those strengths and talents will be your gifts back to God .”
the consequences of their actions .” It ’ s an ethos that has carried Moglia for five decades - through successful careers as both a football coach and a business executive on Wall Street .
Moglia ’ s support of the Prep has been steadfast and generous , as have his gifts of time and talent . Joe has served on the Fordham Prep Board of Trustees as a member of its Executive Committee , as a well as member of the Prep ’ s Shea- McDonough Planned Giving Society . He has addressed the Prep ’ s Wall Street Forum at the Yale Club of New York City and also delivered the Prep ’ s 2005 commencement address which he closed with this statement :
If you take the power of love and combine that with spiritual soundness , dedication , and courage , you have the concepts that make good men or women great . It ’ s really the stuff that truly great leaders are made of . I began to learn this at Fordham Prep : the strength and talents you have been given are God ’ s gifts to you . What you do with those strengths and talents will be your gifts back to God .
Joe Moglia is a great American success story and Fordham Prep is a vital part of his story .
We were in the same home room class , 1C , in freshman year . Joe had a maturity as a freshman ( not that he didn ’ t occasionally get goofy like the rest of us ) and early on , exhibited a tremendous competitive streak . He excelled at both football and baseball and was a good student .
We both moved on to the Greek Honors program in sophomore year with a group of extremely talented classmates , so many of whom moved on to very successful academic and business careers . The teachers we had for those three years were phenomenal . Joe wasn ’ t very vocal in that group as he had concerns about a slight stammer that some mistook for lack of ability . Wow , were they wrong .
A couple of things that stood out about Joe in high school were his drive and an ability to focus . These traits , along with the advantage of coming from a wonderful family , have been a big part of his success in both football and business .
Joe paid for his Fordham University education by working in the Post Office . And he spent time as an assistant coach at the Prep doing what he loved , coaching young football players . After graduation , as he was progressing to be a head coach at a high school in Delaware , he focused intensely on his public speaking skills . He told me years later , that his goal at the time was to get a standing ovation every time he spoke . He turned what had been a slight deficit into a huge advantage .
At age 34 , Joe transitioned from Dartmouth Defensive Coordinator to a Merrill Lynch training program filled with Ivy League MBAs . An unusual move to say the least . Joe brought those speaking skills , an incredible work ethic , maturity and natural leadership to the table . Adding those skills to the intense desire to win that fueled his coaching success , Merrill Lynch upper management quickly recognized they had hired someone with huge upside .
When Joe was moving up at Merrill Lynch , we kept in touch and compared notes on what was going on in each of our lives and careers . A couple of guys from the Bronx and Queens who didn ’ t expect to be in the positions we were in . It wasn ’ t that often we were in the same city at the same time but we had some great conversations ( and laughs too ) when we got together . I marveled at Joe ’ s successful move from football to financial services and how he kept moving up .
I doubt there was a single time we didn ’ t credit our parents and our years at Fordham Prep for whatever success we achieved . For that reason , the generosity Joe has shown towards the Prep in so many ways is not only impressive but important . Like many of us , I believe he wants to see deserving students whose families are not able to afford Prep tuition , have an opportunity for a values based , Jesuit education that he was so fortunate to have received .
Let ’ s hope his and others ’ generosity will help Fordham Prep continue to create more great American success stories .
Dennis FitzSimons ’ 67 Former Chairman & CEO , Tribune Company ; Chairman of the Board of the Robert R . McCormick Foundation
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CL ASS RE P SPOTL IGHT It’s the Brotherhood By Arinze Uddoh ’18 The Udukoro Empowerment Organization is a nonprofit that provides academic and material support to economically challenged students living in the greater Umuahia region of Nigeria. Its goal is to increase and improve support for students and their families living in the village of Afara. My journey to Udukoro started in December of 2008, when I took my first trip to Nigeria to spend Christmas break with my family. During my time in Umuahia, I helped my grandmother organize a Christmas celebration in Afara. Children from across town gathered in our family compound for an exciting day full of festivities. We also provided each child with food, water, and a present for the holiday season. I felt great pride as I watched the children open their gifts and celebrate with my family. Even though I was only eight years old at the time, I knew that I wanted to continue working with my grandmother to support these underserved families. As I grew older my passion for connecting my ethnicity through public service grew. When my grandmother returned to New York, we brainstormed ideas on how we could positively affect the Afara youth. I would also continue to travel to Nigeria frequently and take on a greater role in organizing the Christmas celebration. In December of 2015, my grandmother pulled me aside to tell me she planned on creating a non-profit organization that would help to expand our reach in the Afara community. I was thrilled at the idea and vowed to help in whatever way I could. At that moment, the Udukoro Empowerment Organization (UDO) was born. My initial roles were to maintain the organization’s digital presence and continue to help plan for and execute the now annual Christmas benefit. While my daily priorities centered on completing my Fordham Prep education and preparing for college, I made time to remain active with UDO. We successfully carried on 28 RAMVIEW the tradition of hosting our Christmas celebration and also began to organize book donations for local schools and libraries in Afara. On March 1st, 2019, only a few weeks after my 19th birthday, I learned of the passing of my grandfather. While my grandfather was a man of few words, his legacy of selflessness and dedication to providing for his family spoke directly to me. However, his loss was the catalyst in my decision to embrace my role with UDO. Determined to honor his legacy, I vowed to my grandmother to help expand the organization’s reach. Aside from putting the final touches on our webpage and social media accounts, I began to spread the word among my peers at Amherst and plan fundraising events for the fall semester. Later that summer, I formally took on a new role to establish UDO’s brand in the United States while also raising funds to further our initiatives back in Nigeria. I appeared at events and on radio stations in Boston which helped add to our fundraising totals and grow our donor base. By the end of the summer, our official logo was created. When that year’s Christmas celebration took place, we had raised over $1,000 in support of our cause. Like all non-profit organizations around the world, we have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Christmas celebration was canceled and reimagined as a spring benefit which saw us host over 500 children. We successfully altered our mission to provide aid to hundreds of members of the Afara community through the distribution of masks and food. Since the pandemic began, out monthly newsletter has grown to over 200 members. In my work with the organization, I often think of my grandfather. One of his favorite sayings was, “A man’s wealth resides within his family; that without his family, a man is, indeed, poor”. I feel moved by his spirit and by the spirit of St. Ignatius Loyola. The foundation I received from my grandfather and at Fordham Prep continues to challenge me to be a “man for others”. With their help, I will continue to support the Afara, Umuahia, Abia State, and the greater country of Nigeria. Brothers Glenn and Joe Petriello’s connections to the Prep are strong, and they are many. Glenn ’03 joined the Class Rep Program upon his return from the Inaugural Alumni Service Trip in the Summer of 2019 and he hasn’t looked back. He’s attended nearly every Prep Alumni Event, and most recently offered to match $5 for every one of his classmates who donated to the Turkey Bowl Challenge this past fall, driving the class of 2003’s numbers to new heights (and handily beating Xavier’s ’03 Knights). Glenn’s profession is HR, but his passion is chocolate, and the company he founded in his spare time, Chocotastery, has become a hot ticket during the pandemic. Glenn’s wealth of knowledge on all things chocolate and the popularity of virtual tastings have given him the chance to offer virtual chocolate tastings to the general public. His tastings are so popular that he was recently featured in New York Wire, who said “His company Chocotastery is the number one destination for chocolate education and tasting experiences. They offer their customers an opportunity to deepen their appreciation, love, and enjoyment for craft chocolate.” Keep an eye out for Glenn and Chocotastery at this year’s Virtual Igniting Our Mission on May 8th! It’s hard to miss the impact Joe ’98 has on the Prep and its community; he is, after all, the principal of Fordham Prep. And not only that, in an unprecedented and complex year that’s required so much of his attention, he has also found the time to join the Class Rep Program to help keep his fellow ’98 classmates updated on the Prep. Glenn and Joe are one of six sets of brothers who help out in the Class Rep Program. Thanks Glenn and Joe! FP App now available through iTunes or Google Play. Contact [email protected] for information. SPRING 2021 29