Food for Thought July 2013 | Page 10

Even though its hard to believe Plato wasn't a strong believer in written word. This is odd because we know everything we know about him and his theories because he wrote them all down. He believed that it weakened the mind and that when read by another, it can be taken out of context. He preferred thought over language because your thoughts were in their purest form in your head. Once they came out in language, they were lost.

Plato was an intellectual that wanted to save souls and bring them back to the noumenal world. He created The Academy where students could come and learn about philosophy because he believed it impossible to be both a rhetorician and a philosopher. He went on to teach Aristotle who went on to become another great philospher. Without his teachings and theories we wouldn't have some of the thoughts on rhetoric and philosophy that we have today.

School of Thought: Platonic