Food & Drink Processing & Packaging Issue 36 2021 | Page 2


Juices & wines , or honey & creams keeping its properties unchanged with
our Pulsed Electrical Fields ( PEF ) simple to operate two-stage multi-paramater system .
For piloting & small production to sterilize most common bacteria .
It has an option for the PEF assisted juice extraction from vegetative cells or can combine any of two processes above .
It has the industry broadest set of variable pulse parameters to fit all major processes : 5-500Hz rep . rate , 2.5-50 ยต s positive rectangular pulses at 5-50kV / cm el . fields , 2-3kW , a timer , scope controls of pulse shapes .
+ HELP TO REACH YOUR STERILIZATION GOALS . Practical Intense Pulsed ( UV ) Light
R & D system to sterilize up to 6 logs samples of foods and packaging from common and UV resistant bacteria , spores and fungi by using its optimal for each case pulse parameters covering most of applications : Pulse rates 1-4Hz , a timer , pulse energies 250J and 500J , 1-2 kW , one or two IPL flash lamps with the highest pulse intensities for R & D PL systems .
THIS SYSTEM ALLOWS TO FIND STERILIZATION PARAMETERS for our customized Tunnels with Intense Pulsed Light .
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