Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 9 2016 | Page 2

Contact us to discuss how we can improve the performance and efficiency of your food manufacturing processes DRYING & COOLING MATERIAL HANDLING COoking & COnveying PACKAGING & PROCESSES cmpi INDUSTRIAL FANS & BLOWERS ATEX VERSIONS FOR FOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY... Drying, Dehydration, Aging After washing, fresh vegetables and fruits or other kinds of foods are dried using industrial fans. Cooking Lines and Facilities The extraction of fumes & hot air is the most common use of an industrial fan within food manufacturing. Grain, Cereals and Bread Production, Bakery Many manufacturing processes for food industry request industrial fans for conveyor belts used to transport raw materials, grains, sugar, flour, powders or granular materials. Low noise and low vibrations are also very important features to be considered, especially given the continuous duty used in the production process, and requires an energy efficient design to reduce the overall energy consumption. THE MOST DIVERSE RANGE OF FANS FROM A SINGLE SOURCE... T: 01782 349430 e: [email protected] vISIT WWW.AXAIR-FANS.CO.UK