Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 31 2020 - Page 88

Managing staff access and attendance in a covid environment

The Food Processing and Distribution sector , more than most , has had to adapt to the new normal and with the stringent government guidelines , has had to review current access and attendance arrangement .
The need for proactive staff management has never been greater and this has not been made easier by the compulsory introduction of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ). Gone are the days of the clock-in / clock-out machine in the corner of the processing unit . Now it is imperative that not only staff time and attendance is managed , but with track and trace requirements in place , individual identification is also a pre-requisite .
Finding a solution that answers these crucial challenges requires more than a make-do-and-mend approach and Iris recognition and identification technology is the answer . Not only can it manage staff access , but it is also capable of managing time and attendance – what ’ s more it ’ s infallible !
Iris Recognition is a proven biometric technology which enables individuals to be recognized and identified via a contactless scanning device . Simple , reliable and easily integrated into your Access Control system , Iris recognition has the advantage of operating in a COVID-19 PPE environment .
PPE AND ITS EFFECT ON ACCESS CONTROL The wearing of personal protective equipment ( PPE ) and specialist workwear ; hats , gloves , masks and goggles , is commonplace within various food processing settings , but it is now essential when following the COVID-19 guidelines . What ’ s more , employees have to be identified and authenticated prior to entering their place of work via access control or time and attendance technology .
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While absolutely necessary to protect employees , avoid contamination , and maintain food safety standards , PPE creates major problems for traditional Access Control and Attendance System .
Many biometric devices used to authenticate people ’ s identity , as they enter restricted , dangerous or sterile areas , struggle . Gloves for example , interfere with fingerprint readers and make it difficult to present access cards . Moreover , in today ’ s COVID-19 era , no one wants to remove gloves and place their hands on a reader or key-pad previously used by scores if not hundreds of other people .
Facial readers may be contactless , but masks , goggles or hairnets may greatly reduce the accuracy of the recognition software . That can lead to the rejection of authorized people and access to others with no legitimate business in the area they are being allowed to enter .
IRIS RECOGNITION RESOLVES THE COVID CHALLENGE ! Iris-based authentication has the advantage of being contactless and it is not impaired by PPE — including tinted glasses or contact lenses . Using the iris to identify individual complies with the COVID-19 guidelines , data protection legislation and eliminates the potential spreading of disease while maintaining security and safety protocols . There ’ s no need for employers to make a choice between their employees ’ well-being and facility security and compliance .
Paul Stanborough , Aditech Managing Director commented . “ At Award winning Aditech Ltd . the UK based Iris Recognition Specialists , we have had more than 20 years experience ensuring that food processing and distribution businesses are both safe and compliant with current legislation either for Access Control or Time and Attendance . Our team are more than happy to provide expert operational and technical advice and we offer a wide range of solutions for all challenging environments . Beit Iris scanners that connect to your existing Access solution , to the latest in end-to-end managed Iris based Access Control and the innovative integrated IrisTime , Time and Attendance system . Aditech has the Answer !”
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