Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 27 2020 - Page 12

HRS to showcase viscous heat transfer solutions at Foodex 2020 RRC Launch New Course: NEBOSH Safety Simplified  RRC are the UK’s largest provider of health & safety and environmental management training qualifications, and we are delighted to announce the launch of this new health & safety course. Safety Simplified has been created by NEBOSH and utilises the concept of augmented reality (AR) to bring safety learning to life.  This three day course aims to get every member of the workplace involved in health and safety. The ultimate aim is to drive down incidents by ensuring workplace staff are provided with accessible, practical health and safety training.  Safety Simplified is suitable for those working in every sector, and requires minimal set-up. The courses uses real-life case studies along with numerous safety issues covered in the AR re-enactments, including noise, vibration, desk working, mechanical hazards and manual handling. Learners will also complete a simple risk assessment.  At Foodex 2020 stand T278, HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase its range of heat exchangers and turnkey food processing systems aimed at eliminating heat transfer challenges for viscous food products. Heat is fundamental to the food and drink industry and is widely used in all but the most basic food manufacturing The Safety Simplified course is available now, RRC currently have six UK training centres running this course. It is also available via online study which can be accessed worldwide. In-Company delivery can be arranged and tailored to your company’s specific needs, no matter the location.  training and how it is delivered. Using AR technology helps learners understand the practical reality of health and safety; and workplaces will be able to measure success after training members of staff by driving down incidents, absenteeism and a reduction in illness and injury.’’ Gary Fallaize, RRC Managing Director commented: ‘’The Safety Simplified course will inspire a revolution in health and safety For further information: call +44(0)20 8944 3100:email, or visit and processing situations, in sectors as varied as dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, meat, prepared foods, brewing, dietary supplements and more. However, when handling viscous or delicate products, where fouling or shearing can occur, it is imperative that the right heat transfer equipment is specified. In these situations, a scraped surface heat exchanger can pay dividends. TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE INVENTORY STORAGE SOLUTIONS HRS offers two patented technologies for scraped surface heat transfer, both of which are particularly suited to viscous products. The reciprocating Unicus Series is ideal for applications where fouling or low heat transfer is a limiting factor. The gentle movement of the scrapers allows the Unicus to be used with delicate products, such as whole fruit or vegetable pieces, without destroying the product integrity. OUR INSULATED AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED STORAGE UNITS ENSURE YOUR INVENTORY IS IN OPTIMUM CONDITION READY FOR USE. EMPTEEZY, WHY ASK ANYONE ELSE! ENQUIRE TODAY Tel: 01506 430309 Email: WWW.EMPTEEZY.CO.UK 12 FDPP - The R Series is a traditional rotating scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) which can reach velocities of up to 300rpm, resulting in very high levels of shear and dramatically increasing the heat transfer rate. Ideal for viscous single shell, meaning it viscous products with or is not only more energy without particulates. efficient, but also boasts a smaller footprint. An HRS Heat Exchangers added benefit is that it also offer cleaning-in- can be run in reverse to place systems, as well recover valuable products as concentration and before cleaning or batch evaporation systems. Staff changeovers. will be on hand at Foodex to explain the benefits of Besides heat exchangers, the company’s full range HRS offers a wide range to visitors. “Ensuring food hygiene, building consumer of food processing systems. The Thermblock AS and DTA trust and transforming productivity are Series are packaged pasteurisers and key challenges for the food industry right sterilisers for food products. The AS is now,” says Matt Hale, International Sales suited to products with high viscosity & Marketing Director. “We look forward without particulates, such as tomato to explaining to visitors to stand T278 paste, pizza sauce, soups and jams; how our range of scraped surface heat food products such as condensed milk, whilst the DTA works with viscous exchangers and food processing systems tomato purees and nut butters, as well sauces and purees with particulates. can help them to meet these aims.” and spreads, it also comes in a heavy- In addition, the HRS Asepticblock Series HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand T278, duty version for more demanding is a packaged pasteuriser/steriliser and Foodex 2020 (30 Mar-1 Apr, NEC applications with extreme viscosities. aseptic filler in a compact skid but with Birmingham) The R Series is the only multi tube SSHE the same level of quality and reliability on the market with up to six tubes in a as a full-size plant, suitable for handling as convenience foods such as ketchup FDPP - 13