DEALS ON WHEELS FEATURED RESTAURANT FOOD BY PHONE’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Nadimos 02 020 4999 Nadimos offers possibly the best Lebanese dining experience that goes beyond just the food with a menu that is a 100% authentic. Some culinary highlights include Baba Ghanoush which is an extremely tasty dip made with crushed smoked and grilled eggplant., Mutabbal is a similar creamy dish of mashed eggplant mixed with sesame paste spiced with the typical Lebanese flavour of garlic and olive oil. Hummus possibly the best known of all Lebanese dishes and is created with mashed chickpea and sesame paste, another favourite is Falafel, deep fried balls of chick pea and or fava beans eaten with pita bread. Shawarma, a very popular Arab dish, a rotating cone of lamb, chicken or beef that is NOVEMBER 2016 SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Free Mouhalabieh dessert when spend order over THB 1000 flame grilled served with lettuce, tomato and onion in pita bread. Kafta Khash Khash is charcoal grilled minced lamb shaped around a wooden skewer again served inside a split pita bread. The Lebanese desert menu is fairly compact but Mouhalabieh is an exotic yet delicate Lebanese milk flan flavoured with crushed pistachio and rose water, highly recommended. Bei Otto Free Delivery for orders over THB 500 Saigon Recipe Free Custard caramel pudding when order THB 500 Krua Rommai Free delivery when order over THB 900 Jools Bar & Restaurant Free Homemade Apple Pie with Custard when order over THB 300 Mrs. Balbir's Indian Cuisines Free Onion Bhaji when order over THB 699 Dressed Free Delivery when order over THB 499 Beirut Lebanese Restaurant Foodloft 10% OFF when order THB 500 Free Shawama Chicken Sandwich when order THB 599 Le Lapin Sandwiches Get Free Panna Cotta on any purchase BASILICO SOI 33 Basilico Pizzeria are proud to serve authentic Italian cuisine, the restaurant serves classic pizzas, pastas, rice dishes, desserts and wines with the wood burn pizza oven centre stage at its heart to ensure authenticity. and parmigiano-reggiano cheese. The secret of good Italian cooking is to keep things simple and to use the best quality ingredients that are available in the market. Every dish is made fresh and by hand by the chefs ensuring that the food tastes like hometown Italy. Their pizza chef Marco won The Pizza World Champion in 2001 with his Arrostino di Maiale, roast pork shoulder pizza with tomato, mozzarella, speck ham, porcini mushrooms, rocket leaves & parmesan, definitely a must try. One of the most classically comforting Italian dishes is of course the unforgettable Lasagne al Forno, the beautiful Beef lasagna. Built with inter layering sheets of pasta, a meat and tomato ragù, béchamel Free Insalata mista (mixed vegetable salad) small size for all orders