DEALS ON WHEELS FEATURED RESTAURANT FOOD BY PHONE’S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER TEDDY’S BIGGER BURGER 02 020 4999 Teddy’s Bigger Burgers  boasts of their premium ingredients to make “honest”, juicy, and meaty burgers. Their burgers are so oozing with sauces and beef juice, they have to serve it enclosed in a coated paper. Teddy’s burgers are everything you hope for – tasty, tender, juicy, and not overly seasoned. The patty is complemented by a perfect grilling technique that never makes the patties dry. You can choose from their signature burgers, signature burger combos or burgers with fish or chicken patties. Also you can opt for their Teddy’s Original Burger, which is made of 5oz of Angus beef or pork patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and special sauce, or if you’re extra hungry, try their Monster Double Burger, which is twice of everything a Teddy’s Original Burger is! DECEMBER 2016 SPECIAL PROMOTIONS Buy monster double burger GET FREE CRISPY FRIES The best thing about Teddy’s Burger is you can choose to channel your inner chef and play around your burger by choosing your own  toppings and sauces, and your patty doneness. Bei Otto Free Delivery for order over 500 THB At Home Cafe Free Delivery when order over 350 THB Bourbon Street Free Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jumbalaya when order 799 THB Dressed Free Delivery when order over 499 THB Khun Churn Free Caesar Salad when order over 499 THB Sandro's Pizza Free Delivery when order over 600 THB Indian Host FREE 2 pcs. Butter Naan when order over 699 THB Great American Rib Free Delivery when order over 899 THB Katsuya Get Free Chicken Katsudon when order over 500 THB NATSU RAMEN & CURRY Natsu Ramen & Curry focuses on providing the customers with the best Ramen, Japanese style curry rice as well as other Japanese style foods, drinks, and sweets. Their ramen are specially cooked with the special recipe – a mix between Osaka’s full-bodied flavor and Tokyo’s delicate and mellow taste. omelet and Japanese fried rice; it is usually topped with Ketchup. Normally the Japanese enjoy this Omurice item at home but lately, it is widely served in several Japanese restaurants in Thailand. If you want to take your ramen and curry experience to the next level, just give  Natsu Ramen & Curry a try. Natsu’s Fried Chicken Japanese Style Salad is loaded with wide variety of fresh and crunchy vegetables. The fried chicken is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. When combined with flavorful salad dressing – everything goes perfectly together. Natsu Ramen & Curry’s recommended menu is this lovely-looking Fried Pork Cutlet Omelet Rice or Omurice – a popular modern Japanese fusion blending crepe-like Western FREE TAKOYAKI when order over 600THB