Focus SWW Autumn 2016 - Page 15

BILL’S LEGACY My husband, Bill, and I looked to the British Liver Trust for information about liver conditions when we were shocked with his diagnosis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), about which we knew absolutely nothing. We did however know it could be serious and that it could mean Bill needing a liver transplant in about five years’ time. British Liver Trust were very helpful, listening to his worries, answering his queries and providing facts and leaflets about the condition. The doctor’s prophecy came true and Bill had a liver transplant in 2001. British Liver Trust supported us through this time too. PSC. As his widow it gives me great comfort to think that his legacy will hopefully improve the lives of fellow sufferers and their families in years to come. Most of us don’t want to think about dying or wills, but if you do give it some thought now, your generosity will support British Liver Trust and may enable much needed research in the future. Thank you, Mary We decided that, with mirror wills, whichever one of us died first, we would leave a meaningful amount of money to British Liver Trust. 1. To campaign, push for early diagnosis, better treatment, more research and get liver health services recognised as an urgent priority 2. To raise awareness through our Love Your Liver campaign, promoting healthy lifestyle choices that could prevent many liver diseases developing 3. To be the first port of call for information for patients and families, GPs and healthcare professionals, politicians and the media 4. To provide support for patients and families through our support groups, website, social media services, online forum and Helpline service 5. To invest in research for improved treatments and cures in the future Sadly Bill died in March 2014. The gift in his will is now funding a three-year research programme to establish a Quality of Life Tool for patients with Please help our work to continue long into the future, by considering leaving a gift in your Will to the British Liver Trust. Thank you The reality is all this support, in time, print, on the web and manning the office costs money, to say nothing of the need for research, not only into PSC but all liver disease. This is why, when Bill and I made new wills, we thought deeply about what the generosity of the donor and the transplant had meant for us. Above all it had allowed Bill to become a grandad to a grandson he loved very much. The Society of Will Writers 13