Focus SWW Autumn 2016 - Page 14

CHANGE IN A GENERATION ADDRESSING THE LIVER HEALTH CRISIS The British Liver Trust’s Chief Executive Andrew Langford was asked recently what he would like to see improve for liver health, and he replied instinctively ‘change in a generation’. Why did he say that? Because the figures show that in 1970, just 46 years ago, mortality rates for liver disease rates were so much lower. And whilst the figures have declined dramatically over that period for the other main diseases stroke, cancer, lung disease and heart disease - the figures for liver disease have increased by 400%. As a nation we are in the grip of a health disaster, one that none of us can afford to ignore. So, if we have seen this problem escalate over the past fifty years, can we reverse this and bring levels back down by 2070? The British Liver Trust believes we can, and more than that they believe we must. For the sake of generations to come. The charity wants to get people thinking and caring about the liver as we do about our heart; its functions are just as vital and yet the majority of the public are unware of the risks. The British Liver Trust is a small charity tackling a major issue – through campaigning, educating, supporting and advising on all liver conditions (there are over 100 different types) the charity aims to improve liver health for all and reduce unnecessary deaths. The Society of Will Writers is working with the British Liver Trust, raising awareness of the importance of writing a Will, and of considering a charitable bequest. Legacies will enable the 12 The Society of Will Writers charity to invest for the future and really create that ‘change in a generation’. We often put off writing or updating our Will, but it’s so important to make sure your affairs are in order. Whether it’s a new grandchild, a marriage or another change of circumstance, there are many reasons you may need to review your Will. Can we please ask, after taking care of loved ones, would you include a gift to the British Liver Trust in your Will, to help continue the charity’s vital work in the future? “I am so passionate about changing the trend of increasing liver disease, and I hope you are too,” says Andrew Langford, “With your support, I know we will be able to make that change for generations to come.” To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to the British Liver Trust please email or call Audrey on 01425 481320. To find out more about the charity’s work, please visit