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THE 2020 CRISIS IS ALREADY ANNOUNCED The economy not alone, for example the price of the dollar Vs the Colombian pesos and other modern ones including the Euro, in fact even the bitcon currency has had a severe fall with this pandemic, we really must ask ourselves if this crisis occurred the outbreak or simply saw it coming, according to studies, the 2020 crisis is already within us and destined for the failure of many of the third world nations, another thing is that and the fight of oil and the COVID 19 virus, which attacks about life that anyone regardless of social status, made everything worse quite quickly. The economy is driven by spending, the way we move the economy is by using the money we have, when we do not use money, the economy goes into recession and when we use it the economy is in motion, that we buy things. we spend, it makes the economy grow, for the same reason the economy stops it from fear, when we are terrified that things are going to go wrong and that is why people say that the economy is controlled by feelings, this is real and it is NOT Controllable or predictable, therefore we spend on things that we used to spend, for example spending money and toilet paper. The way to get out of all these problems According to what I have investigated is, simply that entrepreneurs invest in the team, we may not have rapid growth, but if we are very strong to sustain ourselves, innovate all our products to strengthen the economy and all the business. On a personal level it will always be investing in ourselves, always having a plan to stay afloat from this economic drowning.