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FAITH IN THE AMERICAN DREAM FADES, FINANCES FOR THE OUTBREAK With all that humanity is experiencing today due to the COVID-19 outbreak, what most worries investors is everything they have given the United States to make the economy fluctuate more quickly and effectively. It all begins in the crisis of 2008, since it took approximately 119 months to strengthen again, which was not bad at the time but this outbreak will not leave them with many advantages, with the crises that are unfolding today investors are wondering whether to invest in the US it would leave them in a financial crisis that is totally grim. The president considers that At this time of the crisis in America, he would be becoming a safe haven, Morgan Stanley, the American millionaire, reiterated that nobody will be able to stop America, stressing that they have always had the ability to recover very quickly, however, we can show that places like Germany, has managed to take advantage of all this, and has not been allowed to fall through this situation, the strongest points was to have a low public debt, That is why Europe in recent weeks has become one of the most outstanding economic strengths, in addition to making sure that Washington does not have the capacity at this time of economic resilience as Berlin does, for example. Economists emphasize that the European zone will be the way in which political circles can have an opportunity for economic growth, in addition to what the President of the United States does, trying to get everything back to normal is something that is definitely going to lead to a more serious crisis than the one that already exists.