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HORN Full metal thickness maintained - Increased strength Designed to ease the mounting of tyres BEAD RETENTION HUMPS Keep the tyre safely seated - Improve stability - Less risk of damage caused by sudden deflation Ensure tight fitment - possibility to run at very low inflation pressure THE WHEEL DISC Stud holes with pressed raised seats (conical or spherical) - No material removed - Increased strength in this vital contact area! Flexible production setup - Stud holes, bores, seating etc. can be produced to match customers requirements VALVE PROTECTION VG2 Crescent - Standard Agriculture VG3 Square shaped - HD Agriculture / Standard Forestry VG7 Tubular with screw in cap - HD Forestry VG3 VG7 PAINT SYSTEM VG2 Using the latest automotive nanotechnology pre-treatment Uniformed quality of surface preparation, providing excellent paint adhesion Good edge coverage with excellent corrosion protection High salt spray and humidity resistance 3