Sca n se e t he Q R t STA he film code to RCO a Fle bout x Li te STARCO FLEX LITE 100% puncture-free wheels RCOred STAnee ngi E STARCO Flex Lite is recommended on smooth surface and semi-rough terrain, mainly for private user or lighter professional service. The assembly comes in various versions that fit any demand STARCO Flex Lite is supplied as wheel and tyre in one unit in a PP/PU construction It comes as standard in Yellow/Black, but other colors are possible on order (larger scale) The Flex system in the construction makes an easy ride, making the wheel suitable for a wider range of application and area for lighter use Handling and performance characteristics comparable to traditional pneumatics STARCO Flex Lite is proven in practice for less demanding professional use Efficiency: No service or repairs required, no costly downtime STARCO Engineered