Flumes Vol. 5: Issue 1, Summer 2020 - Page 77

voice to order drinks.

“So, what do you girls like to do outside of here?”

“Well, my friend here is brilliant. I keep telling her to do stand-up comedy or something,” Savana said. Jamie could tell she was trying to pump her up, help her get that sparkle back. She thought back to the last time they laughed or joked about something that didn’t hurt. That felt like a different lifetime. Savana kept talking.

“Oh, you’re so sweet! You get all the points so far tonight.”

“Points? There’s a point system, eh?”

“Yup! Can’t do anything with them, but you get them all.”

They laughed. When the waitress arrived, the smell of tequila, salt, and lime crested and peaked like fucking sunrise.

“Cheers, ladies.” The three of them raised their glasses and the man stared at Savana. None of this was going to go anywhere. He showed no interest in Jamie at all. And now that they were on the side of the club where she couldn’t even keep an eye on the door for other customers. How much money was she missing out on? How far behind would she fall tonight? Jamie tipped the glass to her lips. The juice tasted sickly sweet. She coughed as it coated her throat.

“Whoa, you all right there?” he asked.

“Yup. Great.” Jamie said. “So how about we all go have a little fun?”

His eyes widened. The beat pounded through the walls from the main floor.

“I’m having a great time right here!” Savana said. “I think we’re good right here.”

“Do you?” Jamie asked. “I mean, we could have a lot more fun.”

Savana shook her head almost imperceptibly from side to side.

“Maybe I should go.” The man started to stand. Savana got off his lap, conceding the sale,

“No, stay.” Jamie didn’t move. She put a hand on his chest, just as Savana had done. “I bet you’re a lot more fun than you think.”

"I think I'm good. Thanks though." He tried to get up again, but Jamie leaned in and grabbed the back of the chair, pinning him to the seat.

“So, you just, what? Wanted to waste our time?”

“Waste your time? I bought you a couple of drinks. That’s okay, right?”

“Yeah, because I can pay my bills with that.” Jamie's ears grew warm.

“Jamie, what are you doing?” Savana asked.

“Just trying to have a little fun.”

“I would like to leave,” the man said.



"No. The three of us are going to go in there.” Jamie pointed to the VIP booths.