Flumes Vol. 5: Issue 1, Summer 2020 - Page 40

they even arrived. The cacophony of deafening, shrill whining and assault of bursting light overwhelmed Matt, as he buried his head in his arms.

After what seemed like ages, the screeching lessened, and Matt peeked his head out of his arms. Thousands upon thousands of small bits of light fell and faded all around the cemetery.

With a soft creaking, the gate to the cemetery swung open, as a hearse drove in, followed by a procession of cars. Matt could hear the cars brake, and doors open and shut around him. This was his funeral.

Shaking his head to clear it from the recent visuals and noise, Matt drifted over to the rows of chairs, set near the prepared trench for his casket. His friends and family gathered, some sniffling, some comforting. His casket was carried with white-gloved hands to the prepared riser, and the final goodbyes began.

Normally, these situations made Matt uncomfortable, but he looked on, quietly watching the people he was closest to walk up, and place hands on the casket.Matt drifted to the end of the line, and slowly followed, until he was looking down at the polished oak. Mimicking the others, he let his hand hover just above the lid. He could have just been imagining things again, but it almost felt... warm?

The shrill whine had begun again, as Matt jerked his head up. The glowing mirror image of himself hovered above the cemetery fence line, staring at him. They contemplated each other for a moment, interrupted by the soft whirring of the wench, lowering Matt’s casket in to his grave.

The shrill whine increased, as another glowing figure joined the first. Another Matt, quickly followed by another. The whine was growing again.

Instinctively, Matt dove down to his casket, and through the lid. The shrill noise immediately stopped, leaving only the soft sounds of the casket settling on the dirt below. Matt felt warm, lying there, somehow comforted. He would wait out whatever those things were here. They couldn’t stay forever.

He would wait here.