Flumes Vol. 5: Issue 1, Summer 2020 - Page 15

"Off to work I go"

Ivan Collazo

A Battalion of Dragons

By Andrew Lafleche

Dust the hill in greedy procurement; my

Protectors—fingers deep in moist cool soil;

Grunt work—clear the land—harvest tomato’s,

Rhubarb, beans (green and yellow), broccoli,

Asparagus, lettuce, onions, radish,

And herbs. Pick up my staff, march to the pond

Spy: timid turtles the size of war-tanks,

Lazy frogs—polliwogs—pancaked on the

Gravel. Recce: hoofprints of moose, doe, fawn

Bear. Dig in with the setting sun; realize

I don’t think of you anymore, at least

I don’t think of you as I once used to.