Flumes Vol. 5: Issue 1, Summer 2020 | Page 7


Every piece articulately chosen to display a message. Literary pieces that touch on issues current, everyday social/cultural dilemmas, love, death, and creative in-betweens. We hope they captivate you as they have captivated us.

Katelyn McCauley

A good piece of writing is when it comes from the heart. The reader is able to feel all the emotion regardless of the genre. A good piece of writing is when the page no longer becomes a page, it becomes a gateway to a new realm. Like a portal, the pages sweep the reader off their feet and take them on an adventure of a lifetime. The mind of a writer is truly an extraordinary gift.

I hope the reader will be just as swept away in these pieces as I was. The goal is for the reader to be taken on a journey of imagination, let the words dance off the pages. The reader will understand and experience different cultures through reading some of these pieces. They’ll be taken on an adventure of travel and they’ll be swept away by the fiction pieces that explore the endless boundaries of imagination

Cheyenne Wright

There are many different ways in which writing can be good. In my opinion, good writing should have the ability to draw readers in and hold them captive for a while. This issue has many examples of writing that achieve this, such as “The Honorables”. I genuinely enjoyed reading through it because it was able to pull me away from reality for a while and even forget that I was reading in the first place. Another quality that makes writing good, in my opinion, is its ability to evoke emotion in its reader, which I felt that many of these pieces did well at.

While reading through submissions, I noticed that many of the pieces included in this issue of Flumes share a common theme. Whether it was “The Honorables” with its mention of climate change or “Whiskey Lights” with its depictions on addiction, many of our chosen pieces explore issues that we may face in our daily lives.

My hope for this issue of Flumes is that readers will take a look at these pieces and recognize just how much reading can broaden their horizons when it comes to understanding the world around them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did..