Flumes Vol. 5: Issue 1, Summer 2020 | Page 107

Contributor Biographies and Artist Statements

Bain, Anthony

Bio: After studying at the London School of Journalism, Anthony Bain has spent the last 18 years living in Barcelona and sharing his writing about the city for such publications as The Barcelona Metropolitan. He has also published short stories for Wanderlust Journal and Ky Story. His first travel book "Wanderings Along the Camino" is available on Amazon.

Statement: Writing for me is about trying to make sense of a complicated and often frustrating world. It is important to find our own narrative in the endless stream of information that we are presented with on a daily basis. This current pandemic has given me the time to reflect and instilled in me a renewed vigor to write bolder and better because, after all, stories are the one thing that brings us together.

Bartolone, Bartolone

Bio: Ginny Bartolone is a writer and actor living in New York City. Her work has been featured across a series of online blogs, including her own, MaybeThereWillBeCupcakes.com. She is also a long-distance hiker and is currently completing a book about her experience on the Camino de Santiago and incorporating secular pilgrimage into your life.

Statement: Though I grew up with a narrator in my mind, its observations never made it on the page until I started hiking. It turns around I needed to slow down to hear what it had to say. Writing encourages me to remain deeply present in every moment so that I catch the beauties of life and transform them into a story whenever possible. As the world has grown smaller during pandemic, I’ve been reminded that you don’t need to travel to find story-worthy encounters. Our closest community is so precious. I see this everyday at 7pm when thousands of my neighbors in Manhattan open their windows or head to their rooftops to cheer on the spirit of the city. When we get through this, I hope I will never forget the rare value and fragility of in-person connection.

Bassi, Jasmeen

Bio: Jasmeen Bassi (also known as Jassi K. Bassi) is a writer and educator from Yuba City. She currently resides in the San Francisco- Bay Area. In her work, she likes to bring the essence of Punjabi (her mother tongue) to the page through English. Her work primarily focuses on the politics of language,

and identity, and Punjabi culture.