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Volume 67: October 15, 2015

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Morgan Buch

Please share a bit of your background and how its let up to where you are in the fitness industry today.

As a kid I did not consider myself athletic at all. I tried lots of sports but was just not very into any of them.

About two years ago, my sister took me to  watch my first bodybuilding competition. I saw men in wheelchairs competing and was so inspired that I decided as soon as I turned 16 I would start bodybuilding  and working toward competing in my first show. This decision was probably my favorite one that I have made this far in my life.

At this point I have competed in an NPC competition as a bikini competitor in 2014 and have two shows this October 2015, one being NGA and the other NPC.

Where do you typically workout, a certain gym, any outdoor training?

I workout at Just Train Fitness in Palm Coast, FL. In my off season I plan on adding tire flipping outside to switch up my cardio routine, which right now consists of spin classes, boxing, yoga and jogging.

Please share with us a bit about your contest history and most memorable show experience.

The first show I competed in was an NPC show and I remember feeling so nervous before walking out on stage. Once I was in front of the judges, I started feeling more confident, which surprised me. I loved feeling like all my hard work  had paid off.

Is there something that motivates and or inspires you to workout, diet and compete in fitness?

Which part do you have the most difficulty with?

The feeling of being strong is what motivates me to workout. I think this is a reason non-competitors may workout too, because who doesn’t want to be strong?! Aside from wanting to be strong, I am inspired to workout and compete to see how far I can take my body and change it in a positive, healthy way. However, its a struggle for me trying to live a “normal” teenage life while having to eat strictly every three hours or spend hours at the gym. However, I have made it my lifestyle and wouldn’t want it any other way. (Cont. pg. 14)

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