Florida Fitness Photography Volume 65 Jennifer Taylor - Page 23

Jennifer Taylor


I set up my own meal plans. I like to experiment with different foods & see what I can eat while trying to get in contest shape. As long as I am getting leaner, then I will keep it in my meal plan. It gives me more balance and I don’t feel deprived. I will enjoy dark chocolate, bananas, Greek yogurt and occasional cheat meals of Mexican food & Margaritas.

Jim & I would like to acknowledge a few people who have helped by sharing their knowledge, which has contributed to our success. Rodney Burton, owner of Results Nutrition in Brandon, FL gave me a lot of insight on how to conduct myself on stage in front of the judges.

Daniel Holbert, trainer in New Port Richey, FL collaborated with Jim on areas where my physique some fine-tuning.

It really is a team sport where you have to have 100% confidence in your team and know they always have your best interest at hand. I have exactly that and then some. I have a close friend, Lisa, who has come to every show since I first competed. She and Jim make sure everything is in place and all I have to do is relax and enjoy the moment. Also, the support from all our gym members at RetroFlex and our partners Dave & Alysia Vidrine keep me motivated & focused.

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