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Jennifer Taylor


I like the discipline & structure that comes with competing in figure. I joke about it, but am at the same time very serious…. I have had problems in the past with addictions and the discipline keeps me focused and balanced.

The only difficult part of competing has been accepting that not everyone will understand the life style/sport. Especially having accomplished so much and have gained so much personal growth.

This sport has brought me out of my shell and every year I feel like I’ve overcome obstacles and accomplished goals I never thought were possible. It’s resulted in learning my strengths and weaknesses and ultimately becoming comfortable with who I am both inside & out. I’ve learned to be more patient and trusting of myself.

Eat 6-7 times a day

1600-1800 calories, protein 40 grams, carbs 40 grams, fats 20 grams

Weight train 6 days a week, cardio 3 days moderate cardio like step mill & 3 days HIIT Enjoy training shoulders & legs/glutes.

Most amusing thing I’ve been asked is if I want to arm wrestle…and I just chuckle to myself & know that I am not a just a women with muscles who appears strong on the outside, but the greatest strength I’ve gained is from within.

Jim coaches & trains with me. He plans the shows for the years and leads our workouts every evening. I don’t know how he does it sometimes, but we also own a lawn service & he’ll even be at the gym ready to train after mowing 30 plus yards in this Florida summer heat.

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