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Issue #61, published June 16, 2015 featuring Amy Lynn Lindsey with photography from shoot in Charleston, South Carolina.

In This Issue:

Amy Lynn Lindsey

From previous interviews at Cover Shot Fitness we learned you have a background in softball and track prior to getting involved in fitness competition. As a busy professional Social Worker who do you see competition prep and your level of fitness impacting your professional life?

I actually never ran track...I ran half marathons prior to beginning my journey as an NPC competitor. I feel that in the field of Health and Wellness as a behavioral health therapist living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important. I model the lifestyle and changes that my clients can make to improve their overall well being. I currently work for Humana and one of our core values is inspiring lifelong health and well being and I feel like I am really living that value.

As a family history of high cholesterol motivated you to make major lifestyle changes are you continuing to benefit from those changes as they relate to your competitive fitness goals?

Having a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol has absolutely impacted this journey for me. When I was told I had high cholesterol myself I already went to the gym daily and ate semi-healthy. Being told you need to take medication for your cholesterol in your twenties is scary and was very eye opening for me. I realized if I didn't change my lifestyle I could very well have a heart attack at a young age like my father. I was determined to overcome it and never filled that prescription. My cholesterol is in a more than healthy range now and I didn't have to take any medications (cont. pg 22).

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