Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 26, Issue 11

News NOVEMBER 2015 · VOLUME 25 & ISSUE 11 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY WHAT’S INSIDE Page 1 - W  ear the White Coat Page 3 - Update Your Practice Info Page 3 - GLMS Foundation Reaching Out Page 3 - Roundtable a Success Page 5 - Heroin Symposium Page 6 - KUDOS Page 7 - Free Credit Card Audit WEAR THE WHITE COAT CELEBRATES FIVE YEARS GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY WEAR THE WHITE COAT GLMS welcomed 30 physicians and Louisville leaders to the Old Medical School building for a closing dinner to celebrate the collaboration formed through the fifth annual Wear the White Coat program, powered by a grant from the GLMS Foundation. Over the three weeks prior, physicians had partnered individually with a variety of community representatives including members of the Louisville Metro Council, state representatives, corporate executives and clergy. As a special end to this year’s event, the group gathered for a meal catered by The Bristol to reflect on their experiences. GLMS President Robert Couch, MD, MBA, welcomed participants. “I want to thank each of our physician preceptors and guests for participating and congratulate you on being the newly graduated class of the 2015 Wear the White Coat program. It is my sincere hope that you are walking away with a better understanding of what it’s like to be a practicing physician and that we continue a two-way dialogue about health related challenges.” Following dinner, WWC participants were invited to share what they had experienced. The results were overwhelmingly positive with many saying their life was changed because of the program. Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center Senior Pastor Timothy Findley, Jr. shadowed Dr. Couch, saying, “This was easily one of the most eye opening expeGLMS President Robert “Bob” riences I’ve had. I Couch, MD, MBA, gave opening remarks have new respect for the medical field. If no one ever tells you that you’re appreciated, you’re absolutely appreciated in my life. Thank you all for the life changing experience.” (Continued on page 2) CALL FOR 2016 NOMINATIONS The 2016 GLMS Nominating Committee is asking for nominations as it works to develop a single slate of candidates for election. Offices up for election are: president-elect, vice president, secretary, two at-large board members, three Judicial Council members, and KMA delegates. In addition, 30-40 candidates are needed for the 2017 Nominating Committee; GLMS members will elect 20 from the group of nominees. Please submit proposals for nominations by Tuesday, Dec. 1, to Onvia McDaniel at [email protected] or 502-736-6302.