Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 25, Issue 4 - Page 3

PRACTICES REQUIRED TO UPDATE CREDIT CARD MACHINES Physician practices which currently use magnetic strip credit card terminals will be required to transition to a chip and pin (EMV) capable credit card device by October 1, 2015. New federal legislation will soon require all credit card processing terminals to ensure EMV compliance and most current credit card machines are not capable of processing microchip transactions. This change will help curb the theft of credit card data by utilizing additional security data within each credit card microchip. Practices should check their current credit card terminals to see if they are EMV compliant. If not, contact your current credit card terminal manufacturer to learn more about transitioning to the new systems. If you have any further questions, contact the GLMS Physician Education & Practice Support Department at 502-7366354 or [email protected] SIGNIFICANT LEGISLATION THAT PASSED (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1): Senate Bill 192: protections for Good Samaritans who report an overdose to the authorities, stiffer sentences for traffickers, greater access to Naloxone by first responders, and a state coffer for addiction treatment programs House Bill 248: eliminates outdated HIV/AIDS training requirements for health care professionals thereby providing some relief from mandates for issue-specific CMEs Senate Bill 61: assures full coverage of colorectal cancer screenings Senate Bill 77: creates a single, uniform document that summarizes a patient’s health care decisions and can be used across all health care settings Senate Bill 44: allows patients who suffer from chronic diseases to “sync” all of their maintenance medications and refill them on one appointed day each month House Bill 258: increases the number of physician assistants a doctor can supervise from two to four House Bill 377: expands the reach of collaborative care agreements to include multiple physicians and pharmacists caring for a specifically identified patient Senate Bill 51: allows a physician to discharge the duty to warn and still enjoy the liability protection afforded by the law when the patient is involved in outpatient care Providing Unique and Easy Solutions to the Medical Community for over 25 years. 4 Medical Resident Home Loans 100% Financing*, low closing costs 4 New Physician Home Loans 100% Financing*, low closing costs 4 Physician Home Loans Reduced closing costs and rates Senate Bill 107: eliminates the Annual Disclosure of Ownership requirement and instead aligns reporting mandates with the less onerous deadlines set by federal law House Bill 315: requires booster seats to be used in motor vehicles by children who are less than eight years old and are between 40 and 57 inches in height House Bill 8: expands civil protective orders to cover dating violence victims, as well as victims of sexual abuse and stalking 4 Business Banking Private Practice Line of Credit, Equipment Financing, Treasury Management-Lockbox DARLA TOWNSEND VP, SR. PRIVATE BANKING OFFICER 502-329-4588 NMLS ID # 520594 PAT SULLIVAN PRIVATE BANKING OFFICER 502-420-1878 NMLS ID # 419192 * As of 02/18/2015, $100,000 seven-year Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) loan, 3.695% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with 84 payments of $449.04. After 84 Payments, loan rate adjusts yearly based on changes to the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal plus 0.50%. As of 02/18/2015 Prime Rate is 3.25%, therefore loan payment would adjust to 276 payments of $460.34. Maximum loan amount $300,000 for Medical Residents and $417,000 for New Physicians. Maximum 100% loan-to-value. Loan example does not include monthly taxes and insurance so your actual payment may be greater. You must have opened or open your primary checking account to receive $500 discount on closing costs. Your primary checking account must be maintained in active status for the term of the Loan or a $500 fee may be assessed. Please ask us about the Promotional Closing Cost Program Participation Agreement for more details. Offer available for owner-occupied properties. Offer and rates subject to change. Loan subject to underwriting and approval. Additional restrictions apply. Limited time offer. Republic Bank & Trust Company Loan Originator ID #402606. GLMS NEWS APRIL 2015 3