Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 25, Issue 4

News APRIL 2015 · VOLUME 25 & ISSUE 4 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY WHAT’S INSIDE Page 1 - 2015 Legislative  Session Page 2 -  cott for AMA S Vice Speaker Page 2 -  oy in Your J Practice Workshop Page 3 -  equired Credit R Card Machine Update Page 5 -  ission Trip M in Need of Physician Page 5 -  atch Day 2015 M MULTIPLE PIECES OF PHYSICIAN SUPPORTED LEGISLATION PASSED IN FRANKFORT Though faced with a short legislative session in 2015, Kentucky representatives have passed numerous laws that shape the landscape of health care in Kentucky. Representatives from the GLMS Policy and Advocacy Team were more committed than ever to helping their fellow physicians by sitting down with Kentucky senators and house members to explain passionately the bills which were most important to them. Leading the P&A Team was Chair Mary Helen Davis, MD, and Vice Chair Frank Burns, MD. However, it was very much a group effort with numerous physicians traveling to Frankfort to talk directly with their representatives or calling legislator offices to have their voices heard. “I’ve been absolutely startled looking at how much we’ve gotten done in a short session,” Dr. Davis said. While some issues such as fair contracting, maintenance of certification changes and smoke free Kentucky did not see legislation passed in the 2015 session, 11 issues directly or indirectly related to Kentucky health care were more fortunate. The bill that drew the most attention was the “Good Samaritan” bill which protects drug addicts who report an overdose to the authorities, provides stiffer sentences for drug traffickers, offers greater access to the drug Naloxone by first responders, and provides a state coffer for addiction treatment programs. “At the 11th hour, or really the 12th hour, Congress voted and passed the bill. And, to their credit, it was a good bill,” said Cory Meadows, KMA Direc- Mary Helen Davis, MD, Bruce Scott, MD, and Frank Burns, MD, at the 2015 Legislative Reception. tor of Advocacy and Legal Affairs. Meadows, along with KMA Exec. Vice President Patrick Padgett and their team, were instrumental in the bills which passed as well as those which made progress for future years. Senator Ralph Alvaredo, MD, also supported the work done by KMA and the GLMS P&A Team. Although there is more work to be done, members of the P&A Team and KMA unanimously expressed optimism at the progress made during this legislative session. “It was a very good session because we didn’t play defense. We were on offense. We were proactive, not reactive, and that makes all the difference in the world,” said Meadows. “By visiting and talking with your representatives, that perception of doctors in ivory towers is starting to change.” For a complete list of health care legislation which passed, see page 3.