Fleetdrive 29 - June 2021 | Page 25

Spotless / Downer Group ’ s journey here allowed us to install a good driver program and tailor that with some driver education on the other end of that .”
Matthew urged other organisations that are thinking about standardising their vehicles to make the effort because it really can make a huge difference to their fleet operations .
“ It does come at a cost and you will need support from your executive team – however the rewards are great ,” Matthew said .
“ You end up with some cost savings along the way and a much safer fleet so that everybody gets home at the end of the day .”
Key Achievements :
• Introduction of Fleet Zero Harm Initiatives .
• Reduction of 63 different vehicle configurations down to 13 safely compliant variants .
• Simpler system allows suppliers to implement better quality control measures .
• Cultural change in driver behaviour with improvements seen across all regions .
• New safe driver program introduced including an RTO approved course for rough terrain driving and assessment .
• Launch of a monthly driver reward system to incentivise safety .
• Kilometres travelled reduced by 900,000 km annually .
• Annual fleet replacement costs reduced by more than $ 1.6 million .
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