FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 9

from $ 470,00 to $ 1.38m . The University of Melbourne , which has the highest total of fee-help loans , is also forecast for a 7 % rise , from $ 122.8m to $ 131.4m . It ’ s a win not only for institutions battered with huge revenues losses from international students due to the pandemic , but also a huge win for those looking to progress their professional development .
On that flavour AfMA and Swinburne University are looking for our next batch of industry leaders as we launch our 2021 Diploma of Leadership and Management cohort . Normally valued at $ 7,500 , course fees have been significantly reduced to $ 5,300 as part of AfMA ’ s long-term relationship with Swinburne . For more information head to our Education page for more details .
COVID-19 … it will be sticking around !
That means continued efforts in keeping your drivers safe to comply with “ social distancing ” and your vehicles compliant in terms of cleaning and sanitising . As Australia succeeds in eliminating the virus to some extent , you may find the actual COVID-19 risk on any given day is low – but as leaders of safety we can ’ t become complacent . Naturally you ’ ll find any ramifications for not being compliant in the workplace will far outweigh the time , cost , effort of following COVID-19 procedures right now .
AfMA has provided two key resources that remain as relevant in 2021 as they did last year . For details click on the buttons below :
AfMA Education Page
Cleaning and sanitising
Physical distancing