FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 8

Remote fleet management … it ’ s here to stay !
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic , it was essential for almost everyone to adjust to a remote working environment as we tried to “ flatten the curve ”. While fleet managers are used to their team being dispersed , remote work was a challenge for some to overcome .
As the pandemic continues , and even once it ends , we will continue to see many organisations handling their fleet management operations remotely . Whether you ’ re back in the office or still getting the job done from home – it ’ s critical you have full real-time visibility across all of your vehicles .
On that note , the telematics industry is one that will only continue to grow in coming years as fleets try to take greater control of their assets and operations . The global automotive telematics market was valued at more than $ 65 billion AUD in 2018 and is projected to reach a staggering $ 413.8 billion AUD by 2026 . Is your fleet due for a telematics upgrade ?
Upskilling … no better time than now !
There has been a huge increase in demand for study as Australians look to use their newly found free time to upskill . With the majority of providers focusing on onlineonly delivery methods , there ’ s never been a better opportunity to study and develop your professional learning than right now .
Progressing within your career can be challenging , and sometimes employees can find themselves in somewhat of a rut . Taking that next step can often be something we want to do – but with the time pressures of daily life and the fear of failure in the back of our minds it can be something few of us actually achieve . But new research suggests that might be set to change in 2021 .
Data on fee-help lending compiled by the education department shows that full-fee paying loans have doubled or tripled at some universities this year . According to the research total fee-help loans at the University of Adelaide , are forecast to increase from $ 11.4m to $ 21.9m , while Charles Darwin University will rise an estimated 193 %,