FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 29

“ We are not waiting to see what governments are doing in Australia as we can see that major markets around the world have already started down a path of zero emissions for transport . As a global car manufacturer , we need to ensure we evolve and engineer vehicles that can be sold in markets around the world . Governments have been imposed strict vehicle emission regulations on heavy and light vehicles and planning for the dates when internal combustion engines can no longer be sold ”.
“ We are not at that point in Australia just yet , but Hyundai are working hard with our industry partners and governments around Australia to plan the infrastructure of the future which includes national networks for EV charging hubs and Hydrogen refuelling stations . The technology is here now , and more is coming as we are set to launch our NEXO FCEV in Q1 and another EV later this year . We just need to ensure there are places to charge them with energy or fill them with hydrogen using Australia ’ s abundant renewable energy resources ”.
Charging Infrastructure
I spoke with Martin Andrews ( CEO of Chargefox ) who demonstrated their app , showing the location of all their Ultra Rapid , Fast and Standard charges across the country . A trip between Melbourne and Brisbane only using Ultra Rapid charging points along the way is no problem whatsoever . Adelaide to Cairns is also achievable when you include their Fast charging options .
the consolidated payment and reporting using an RFID card . They even provide data files to the Fleet Management Organisations , much like current fuel card arrangements .
Embrace and Plan
While governments may sometimes only plan for their term , automotive manufacturers have very long development cycles . It is important to understand that with the cessation of internal combustion engine manufacturing around the world mandated , you will not be seeing the same vehicle choices over the next 10 years .
Many businesses are already well advanced with their plans , but if you have not already formulated a Sustainability Plan incorporating your fleet of vehicles then I ’ d suggest you get started …. or better still , get in contact with me at Fleet Advisory to assist you .
Paul Oliver is the Director & Principal Consultant of Fleet Advisory .
Paul provides independent expert advice and consulting services relating to fleet and mobility solutions – see www . fleetadvisory . com . au .
Fleet Takeup
Martin pointed out “ That of the 1,800 + charging points we offer , only one third are public , the remaining two thirds are private . Fleets are allocating bays for electric vehicles , having the chargers installed and providing pool vehicle solutions ”. Interestingly , it seems this is an area where local government is leading the way .
Should a fleet vehicle driver need to fill up at a public charging point , Chargefox can facilitate