FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 24

StreetFleet Native Pathways Project

1 . What is your vision for 2021 and how will it look different for your organisation ?
For 2021 , we are focusing on new technologies and initiatives to help our client ’ s fleets become more environmentally sustainable , including :
• Carbon Offsetting & Reporting
• Larger focus on environmentally friendly use of fleets
• More popular choices of hybrid vehicles
• EV vehicles
2 . What new solutions can you provide to the fleet market that will help them thrive both now and into the future ?
StreetFleet has developed our own carbon offset program , the Native Pathways Project , which focuses on offsetting carbon by planting native bushland right here in Australia . We are working in conjunction with Carbon
Neutral to measure , reduce , and offset vehicle carbon emissions to invest in the future of the sustainability of our planet .
StreetFleet has already offset its own carbon emissions upfront , with the purchase of 100 tonnes of carbon emissions , to restore Australian Native Reforestation . Carbon Neutral estimates 15 trees are required per tonne of carbon emissions as an indicator .
The purchased 100 tonnes is the equivalent of a Toyota Prado Diesel running for 31 years or , all our current StreetFleet fleet for 4.5 years ; so our own vehicles are also now completely carbon neutral .
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while cleaning the air we breathe . They filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80 % of the world ’ s biodiversity and , as an Australian company , it was imperative to us to ensure this went directly into rebuilding Australia ’ s biodiversity .