FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 23

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3What is the core focus of your new product or innovation – is it improved driver safety , new technology , improved efficiency , reduced emissions , financial savings , or something else entirely ?

Datium Insights provides the most accurate used car data in the market , allowing fleet managers to make more informed financial decisions in their procurement , remarketing and risk teams . Using a combination of Datium InstantVal and Autopredict , fleet managers can identify costeffective vehicles for procurement , manage their residual value exposure better and dispose vehicles using the latest and most accurate pricing data available .
DIYinspect allows increased efficiency for anyone selling vehicles . Users can complete a vehicle inspection from anywhere , anytime with the whole process taking only 20 minutes . In revolutionising the way we sell cars , DIYinspect saves time and resources for all our users .

4In what ways are your solutions unique from your competitors ?

Datium Insights retains the largest used car sales database in Australia . Our data consists of actual transactional prices , not listed prices . Consequently , the products , services and research we provide are based off the best data available when it comes to used car pricing .
Combined with our market-leading data science expertise , our solutions differentiate ourselves from anything else available on the marketplace .
DIYinspect is the only app of its kind in Australia , where a guaranteed price can be provided to a customer based on a virtual inspection . We ’ re backed by Pickles , and buy the asset rather than simply connecting a buyer and a seller . DIYinspect pays out finance when it is owing on a vehicle , and offers free towing within 30km of a Pickles branch .

5What genuine value are you providing to fleet buyers ?

Datium Insights ’ tools are currently in use by fleet management organisations , rental companies , councils and financiers , providing the latest and most accurate forecasts of used car prices . Our customers put trust in the accuracy and timeliness of the insights we produce , reflected in our thought leadership in news media publications .
The ability for users to save time and resources with DIYinspect make it an obvious choice for future-thinking fleet managers . It allows customers to complete the inspection themselves without having to send someone to do a physical inspection removing the pain points from selling your car .
Pickles Ventures is part of Pickles , previously Pickles Auctions , Australia ’ s top asset remarketing , valuation , and advisory specialist . Datium Insights and DIYinspect are both start-ups within the brand .