FleetDrive 27 - February 2021 - Page 21

For example , CONNECT offers a module called FailSAFE , which can predict battery failure in advance . We are also rolling out a Driver Score module which can assess driver performance and predict those who are most likely to be involved in an accident .
Fleet management systems are only as good as the intelligence they gather . Our focus on building a fleet management platform that provides accurate and actionable insights through dashboards that give Fleet Managers and senior executives a single view of vehicle and driver costs and behaviour across their entire fleet .
The new fleet order
As organisations change their fleet management approach , many are also adding electric and hybrid vehicles into their fleet mix . With that in mind , we are developing a new suite of applications focussed specifically on EVs , and how organisations can measure their eco-score and better manage their EV costs .
The other significant development in this space is the entry of connected vehicles . Leading OEMS are looking at rolling out vehicles with built-in connectivity in the next 5-years . Intelematics is working closely with manufacturers to integrate their Application Processing Interfaces ( APIs ) with CONNECT and deliver a more seamless experience to users .
As an RACV company , Intelematics takes a collaborative approach to our relationships with customers . We are always open to working with them to solve fleet management issues critical to their business that impact their fleets ’ bottom line . Being a customer-led organisation , our products are built to solve unique business challenges and we are true believers that technology is a great business enabler . So , rather than falling back into old habits , this is an opportunity to effectively reassess as we emerge from the pandemic . Our advice to you , know what your options are , reflect , nothing is as it was . It ’ s time to try something new .
By Antony Kuzmicich , Senior Product Manager at Intelematics
As the senior product manager for CONNECT at Intelematics , Antony brings many years of technology and entrepreneurial experience working across a range of start-ups and established corporates . He is passionate about exploring and developing new technology solutions in the connected vehicle and safety space that resolve long-standing customer pain points . His diverse interests ’ in the emerging technologies and a deep understanding of the Australian mobility market keep him ahead of the technology curve .